Thursday, January 5, 2012


First post of 2012!! Happy new year everyone!! Hope everyone had a good break :) I had a day off from being a mum so I decided to go to a restaurant in an area that I wouldn't want to go with a pram and a baby. That place is Newtown. We all know how "easy" it is to find a parking at Newtown. So on my day off, I went to Newtown with my friend to this Japanese restaurant that I have heard about quite a bit.

Green tea Noodle Salad - Green-tea noodles & fresh greens with soy onion dressing $14. This was quite nice. I really liked the dressing.

One thing the thing that I missed since I got pregnant was the sashimi. Now that I can eat anything and everything again, of course sashimi will be on the table :) Chefs Selection Sashimi Plate - Deluxe 18pcs of assorted fresh sashimi - $29. I think we really need Japanese restaurant of this kind of quality around the Shire. 

Fire Roll - 6 pcs of tuna rolls topped with spicy sauce & crunchy potato - $14.50.  Just thought I would try something a little bit different. I quite like the spicy sauce. The only problem was that they fell apart quite easily. 

This was something that I have never had in other Japanese restaurants. Japanese Gyu-suji Nikomi - Tender Wagyu beef tendon braised over night in miso stew
served in a clay hot pot (limited serves per day) - $21. This stew was very very tasty. Came with 2 slices of garlic bread which were so nice after dipping into the thick soup. Actually it wasn't really a soupy soup, it was more like thick yummy gravy :) 

Now this was the favourite of the day. 5 Seared ‘Aburi’ Sushi Plate - Deluxe 12pcs of delicately flame seared sushi - $34. I was told to order this if I ever get to visit this restaurant. So I did and I can understand why. It was sooooo gooood!!! As soon as I put a piece of them in my mouth, it was like O.M.G. Why can't I find something like this around the Shire? Now I need to go back to city everytime I want this. For all the girls who are planning to have a baby, DO NOT try this. You will not be able to resist eating this during pregnancy. 

Spider Roll - 6 pcs of crispy soft shell crab sushi rolls wrapped with finely sliced seasoned daikon radish - $14.50. First time I tried sushi wrapped up with daikon. It was quite interesting as the daikon added a bit of refreshing tartness to the sushi. Kind of like a lemon to fish and chips. 

That was a really really satisfying good meal. I really wish we have Japanese restaurants that serve food like this a bit closer to home. 

184 King St, 
Newtown, NSW 2042
Tel: 02 8095 9260