Friday, December 4, 2009


I have a funny Korean boss. He was showing off his dinner receipt 1 day. Then I asked if I can get discount if I mention his name at the restaurant. Then he just said "I'll bring you there!" :D That's how I got to know this place. A few days after I went with my boss, some friends wanted to catch up. So I straight away suggested this place and went there again :) 

Salmon Pyeon-Chae -
sliced fresh salmon topped with caviar,
capers, and horseradish.
 This is like a salmon carpaccio. Thick slices of salmon with colourful dressing. 

Bulgogi Chap-Chae - Stir fried potato starch noodles with mushroom, vegetables and grilled bulgogi. This is 1 of my all time favourite Korean dish. Usually Chap-Chae come with just vegetable, but this version comes with nicely marinated BBQ beef (bulgogi). Love those chewy + a little sticky noodles :) 

Sam ge tang - chicken ginseng soup with sticky rice. Very nice soup. Summer is probably a bit hot for this, but sitting in air-coned room, no problem :) It's worth the heat. My favourite part of the soup, the sticky rice!! 

Bo-Ssam - Specially boilled pork and Soban's Bulgogi served with chilli seasoned radish on side. I've had bo-ssam in other Korean restaurants before, but this is the first time I see bo-ssam being presented this way. Still yum nonetheless. 

Pork Belly Mu-Chim - Grilled pork belly, speckled with chilli powder, garlic and chives. This is 1 of my favourite dish. Pork belly was grilled until crispy, very nice with the spicy sauce and the chives. 

We didn't have our desserts at Soban, we went to the chocolate cafe San Churro that's just opposite Soban. We ordered some drinks and took out our own dessert. We had some special mooncake from Hong Kong - from left to right, mango & pamelo mooncake + birds nest mooncake + coffee mooncake. 

Here's the Hot & Cold that I ordered from San Churro. It's basically hot chocolate with a scoop of ice-cream :) I thought the hot chocolate gonna be thicker though. 
We also ordered some churros to share, photo is tilted funny because I was sitting too close to it and had to tilt my camera in a funny way to take the photo of the whole plate :p It was YYUUUUMMMMM. Hot and crispy churros with 2 choices of melted chocolate (we chose milk and dark chocolate). It's the kind of very dessert that as soon as you put it in your mouth you'll automatically have this satisfying grin on your face :) 

Soban - Shop 602, Level 6
Open 7 Days for Lunch & Dinner
Tel : (02)9415 2028 

San Churro - Shop 609, Level 6

Westfield Shopping Centre
1 Anderson Street
Chatswood NSW 2067


  1. Heyy~ stumbled upon your site from.. I think it was mc's picasa =P just dropping by to say nice photos and great blog~ =D

  2. I should be getting paid for referrals!

  3. hahaha... yeah yeah.. thanks for advertising on picasa :p 1 point for 1 referral, I'll tell u what u can redeem when u have enough points :p

  4. That looks great! And I love Jap Chae too -I can eat so much of it! :)

  5. Thanks Lorraine! Yeah, almost everytime I go to a korean restaurant I'll order a jap chae :)