Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sugar Hit - Grace Cafe

It's October!! That means it's good food month!! Which means ... *drum rolls...* Sugar hit !!! Yeah, I know, I'm probably 1 of the last to blog about sugar hit haha :p Actually I didn't realise sugar hit is on until I read it on food blogs. I'm not a very up to date person with all the events happening in Sydney. After I realised that sugar hit has started, I went to the Crave Sydney Food Festival website, there were like more than 20 restaurants that's participating in Sugar Hit this year. Absolutely no idea which to pick. Then I saw this phrase : "chocolate fairy floss". Straight away, it's decided. Off we went to the Grace Hotel :) 
This was it! The devilish chocolate delight: chocolate fondant with self-saucing chocolate centre, Kahlua ice cream, chocolate macaroon and chocolate fairy floss - $20. The bunch of fluffly 'hair' was the fairy floss. A bit disappointed with it. Even though I didn't know what to expect, but after eating it was like 'hmmm... not so special'. It did have some sort of flavour, but didn't quite taste like chocolate. Maybe my expectation for the fairy floss was too high, that's why was disappointed with it. The other parts were REALLY GOOD though!! Macaron was as expected, crunchy when first bitten, then chewy on the inside and not overly overly sweet. Ice cream was good too!! Especially together with the chocolate fondant. It was a PERFECT fondant! Spongy cakey on the outside, once cut open the sticky gooey chocolate centre just oozed out. 
Since there's only 1 dish to show, here's another photo from a differnet angle. Can see from here that the wafer biscuit didn't filled the whole glass. There were some strawberries at the bottom of the glass. It got a bit messy when I tried to break the wafer to reach the strawberries :p This whole thing didn't look like a lot, but it's very very rich. Especially the chocolate fondant. If anyone plan to have this straight after dinner, I would recommend to share this with another person (I did have the whole thing to myself though, just because I'm selfish when it comes to dessert :p). It came with a glass of sweet dessert wine. Didn't manage to get the name of that wine. Tea and coffee were included as well. Quite a good deal I would say :) 

Grace Cafe
Corner King and York Streets
Sydney NSW 2000
Tel: 02-92726636

The cafe was not to say very well lit, but not too bad. Didn't really have much problem taking photos. 


  1. teehee it looks like the macaron has a nice cap of hair! the chocolate fondant sounds delish!

  2. heehe.. I thought of that too!! look like some hair from a toy doll.. haha.. :p

  3. That looks devilishly good! Thought i'd let you know about a competition that's running that will see the winner and a friend transported to either NY, LA or Barcelona for 2 weeks this November along with $10,000 spending money. Imagine the gastronomic delights with $10,000 to burn in one of these iconic locations!For more details check out Good luck!

  4. i love the name of this cafe. The fact that my name is Grace does not make it biased. But the ice cream waffle looks magnificent! much good food pics

  5. haha.. please do come back again Grace.. I have many more good food pics to show!! Just haven't got time to write.. been real crazy at work lately..