Wednesday, September 7, 2011

La Guillotine & The Chocolate Room

At the moment I'm going through all my new + old photos that I haven't posted before. Here's 1 of the not so recent visit to the French restaurant La Guillotine which was quite but didn't get posted earlier. 
We wanted to bring Robin's mum out for dinner 1 day. Can't remember what occasion though. I think it was her birthday? Wanted to bring her to somewhere she normally wouldn't go, so we took her to try some French food at La Guillotine. 

For entree to share, we had the Country style chicken liver and pork pate - $15. It comes with some herb bread, olives and gherkin. Been there twice, both times we ran out of bread before we could finish the pate. 

Another entree to share Homemade traditional onion soup with croutons and melted cheese - $13. I didn't really get to try much of this because there were 4 or 5 of us. 

Cant' remember whose main this was, but it was the Char-grilled lamb cutlets with herbs, whole grain mustard butter, ratatouille and mash potatoes - $32. 

This was probably the nicest of all mains that we had. Beef fillet topped with a slice of Foie Gras, port wine sauce and saute potatoes with onions - $44. Bit expensive for a steak, but it was very very good. 

Another main Duck breast with a cherry and Kirsch sauce on a gratin of potatoes - $44. Don't remember much about it, but I guess it's a good thing that at least no complaints :) 
Note: Prices posted here might have changed since it was quite a while ago when I visited. 

After dinner we didn't have dessert at La Guillotine, instead we went to The Chocolate Room to have some coffee and dessert. 

Didn't take photo of the menu, so I don't have the price for the things we ordered here. This was probably the ice-chocolate. 

Here's a hot chocolate with 3 pieces of chocolate from the counter, anti-clockwise from left: Pearl - 70% Dark chocolate ganache with Marc of champagne dipped in white chocolate, Cafe au lait - Milk chocolate caramel coffee dipped in milk chocolate & finished with a coffee bean trasnfer, Rum & Raisin - Macerated green Iran raisin soaked in rum, milk chocolate ganache coated in dark chocolate & drizzle with dark chocolate. 

Pretty looking latte.. 

Another sort of hot chocolate. Can't remember what flavour this was though. 

Pretty sure that was the waffle. Quite pretty and yummy :) 

La Guillotine French Restaurant
518 Kent Street Sydney NSW 2000
Tel: 02 9264 1487

The Chocolate Room
Shop 210 Maestri Towers

Corner Sussex & Bathurst streets
Sydney NSW 2000
Tel: 02 9269 0004


  1. Waffle ON TOP of the ice cream? Will try that next time....

  2. on top AND at the bottom heehee..

  3. Wow, the chargrilled lamb looks so delicious

  4. i think their hot chocolates are batter thn max shit branner. why do we pay for a name whn we have batter quality chocolate at chocolate room. i seriously dont mind paying $5.95 for a quality.

  5. I love their onion soup!! Thanks for posting, the photos are gorgeous!