Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Azuma - Kushiyaki

O.k.. I have to admit I'm getting lazy with my blog. Getting my brother's PS3 with Final Fantasy 13 on it doesn't help too :p Everyday I'll be thinking of what time I can get home and what time I can start playing. Suddenly I realised it's been a while since my last update. I shouldn't give all my attention to PS3 and ignore my blog readers. So here's a post on Japanese degustation that I had at Azuma Kushiyaki. 
First course was Tuna & Salmon Sashimi, served with wasabi and soy. I liked the light and refreshing dressing. 
Here's course#2 - tasting plate that had of oyster, meat (can't remember what meat, I think pork) and fried squid. Everything was nicely done. Pork was cooked but still moist and pinkish, squid had nice crunchy coat and oyster was really fresh.
The pretty looking course#3 served on a fan shapped plate - Assorted Kushiyaki - 5 grilled skewers selected by chef. From left to right, zuchini, prawn, chicken, beef tongue, beef. Highlight of the dish - beef tongue! That was everyone's favourite. 

Side order - Azuma Cocktail - Light refreshing mix of sake, Lemoncello liquor and lime juice. Very nice cocktail. Guys might consider it a girly drink though. Very easy to get people drunk on this thing as it's so easy to drink, people could just drink it like softdrink and wouldn't feel the alcohol until it's too late :p 
Course#4 - Tasting Plate of Azuma’s Unique Nigiri Sushi- Seared Salmon, Seared Kingfish, Marinated Tuna & Spider Rolls. Seared salmon, 1 word, YUM!! Needless to say more. 
Course#5 - Premium Wagyu Beef Sirloin Steak With seasonal green salad. Really really tender wagyu beef, melt-in-the-mouth kind of soft and juicy-ness, just couldn't get enough of it. 
Last course, dessert - Belgian Chocolate mousse, Green tea rolled cake and homemade icecream. The green tea rolled cake was so so so good! Not overly sweet, very very soft and the green tea flavouring was just nice. I wished to have more of this. 

Definitely had a great time there that night (besides the fact that some never-should-be-seen photos were taken). Great food, great company :) As it was a dinner paid for me, I wasn't allowed to know the price. Had a look at the menu online, I'm guessing it's the $77p.p degustation (but, the menu seems to be slightly different now). 

Ground Floor Regent Place Shopping 
501 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Tel: (02) 9267 7775

The room that we had was fairly dark, so it was a bit hard to take photos. Plus they had long tables and benches in the room that were very hard to move, that just made it harder to take photo from different angles and to move around. Maybe it would be better photo wise if we were seated outside the room. 


  1. love the presentation of the dishes! the dessert looks freaking awesome!

  2. yup yup .. they look good and taste good too!! :)

  3. Sorry to drag you away from the Playstation but you can't neglect us for too long! Love the look of the food here and your photo's look very good considering the light

  4. thanks John :) glad to know that there are still readers that haven't given up on me heehe..:p

  5. I love the food here! Apparently Tetsuya eats here every day for lunch (and he was there when I went) :)

  6. Oh yeah.. that's right! I read about it on your blog! but nah.. we weren't as lucky as you :( at least the food's still good heehee.. :)

  7. i've always wanted to try this place! been to their cake shop and "ton ton" next door, but not the actual azuma restaurant yet. Thanks for the review!

  8. ahh.. should try it next time :) I went to the Azuma at Chifley Plaza as well (few yrs ago), both were really good :)

  9. I've been here too! The degustation is amazing :) I think it’s much better than their al a carte menu. The beef tongue... so much texture and flavour! Delish!

    Great photos and blog by the way! :) thanks for popping over to mine too!

  10. thanks Eva! :) yeah.. I really enjoyed the degustation there..