Sunday, May 2, 2010

Honeymoon Part 6 - Jaan par André

Initially we didn't really plan to go Singapore during honeymoon. It's just that 1 of our friend from Hong Kong was assigned to work there for a couple months, so we thought why not meet him at Singapore (since he invited us to stay at his luxurious apartment provided by his company). So we kinda just slotted 2 days in our schedule to give SG a quick visit. Once I decided that I'd be going to SG, straight away I thought of a post by es&t that I read a few months back. That post made such an impression because of the beautiful and colourful photos. So right after I booked my air ticket, I booked myself a table at Jaan par Andre (by the way, they got into the top 50 restaurant in the world recently). 
If I wasn't paying attention to what the waiter was saying and I didn't read about it beforehand, I probably would think these were just some twigs from trees for table decoration. No, these were the bread and butter to start our meal with. There were 2 types of breadsticks here, the lighter in colour were the parmesan flavoured, the darker colour were squid ink. Once started nibbling on them, there was no way to stop until each and every stick was gone. 
Entre #1 - PANACHE DE FRUIT DE MER - Panache of seafood, freshly pickled baby vegetables, spiced kaffir lime consommé. 1 thing about all the dishes in this restaurant, ALL of them looked absolutely stunning. It's so pretty that I have to show 2 photos of the same dish from different angle. 

Maybe I've been watching stargate too much lately. The piece of prawn wrapped with jelly in the middle just looked like an alien egg of some sort :p 
Entree#2 - GELEE DE FOIE GRAS CHAUDE "A LA FORESTIERE" - Hot foie gras jelly topped with wild mushroom fricassess, black winter truffle coulis. 
Main #1 - "BOUDIN BLANC" DE MEDITERRANEE FAIT MAISON - light smoked homemade "boudin blanc" of Mediterranean seafood lobster emulsion, ginger scented william pear compote. 
Main#2 SHORT RIB ROTI TRENTE-SIX HEURS AU CHARBON AROMATIQUE - Thirty-six hour roast short rib coated with aromatic charcoal, braised truffled polenta and cevenne onion. The meat was really good. Very tender and the charcoal coat just smelt so good. The 2 brown spherical object were actually some jelly like cream. Little bit sweet and very creamy. Really nice with the meat. 
Dessert#1 - TARTE AU CITRON - "Lemon tart" on mini churros, granité of pink Campari- grapefruit. First thing we noticed about this dessert, they used the same dessert plate as Quay :) I like the sour grapefruit  slushy/sorbet, but Robin found it too sour. As for churros, I think I still prefer them with warm melted chocolate. 
 Dessert#2 - Snickers - Snickers version 2009 (we had it in 2010 though :p) I really enjoyed it - definitely way better than the normal snickers. There was this cream with a pool of little black dots in the middle. No idea what that was, but looked pretty interesting :) 

1 thing to mention about this restaurant is that their service was really quick. I mean really really quick. As soon as we sat, the breadsticks were out. Right after we finished the breadsticks, IMMIDIATELY we got our entree. The was no break between each dish. The whole 3 course meal was over within an hour. I was thinking of a relaxing lunch, sitting at level 70, enjoying the view a bit. However, with all the dishes came out that quickly, it felt a bit like we were being rushed out. Not exactly as 'relaxing' as I would like it to be.

If we didn't had our dinner at Quay just few weeks before we visited Jaan, we would be really impressed. However, because we just visited Quay, we couldn't help but compared the 2. Both restaurants served really incredible looking dishes. Both restaurant had the best view in each city. However, in terms of taste, Quay actually managed to impress the 2 of us a lot more.

3 courses at SGD58++ per person

Jaan par Andre
2 Stamford Road
70F Swissotel The Stamford 

Tel:6837 3322


  1. haha i freaking love stargate! the boy had wanted a stargate arch at our wedding but luckily managed to talk him out of it :P the food looks awesome and im curious as to how you put the butter on the breadsticks?

  2. good question! I can't remember if we did use the butter because there was a dip in olive oil that came with it too .. I remember dipping the breadstick, but can't remember if I was poking the butter :p that's probably what I would've done anyway.

  3. Fancy looking food you had there, shame you were being rushed. The bread sticks and butter look like a pointless and impossible exercise. I would have stck all the sticks into the butter to make a porcupine!

  4. hahaha.. that would've looked really funny.. I should've done that too.. but I guess I was too busy eating them...

  5. " cream with a pool of little black dots in the middle" sounds like vanilla beans =) good stuff

  6. ahhh.. probably .. :) yeah .. really good stuff.. too bad this snickers is not as readily available as the normal snickers hehe..

  7. I was just thinking that a lot of the dishes looked very "Quay". Not great about the rushed service though, I wonder why they do that? People don't like to be rushed!

  8. no idea.. I think it's just a fast paced country in general.. (that or they try to make sure people can finish lunch in their 1 hour lunch break? just guessing... :p )