Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ribs and Rumps

Few months ago colleague was talking about places with nice steaks to bring visitors to. Ribs and Rumps came up as top choice for him. I went online, did some research and looked at the menu to see what I would order if I visit. Since then the name of this restaurant had stuck in my head. I was just waiting for an occasion for me to use as reason (or if you prefer 'excuse') to go there. Few months later, mum came to Sydney. Straight away this restaurant was put on the 'to-go-to' list :) It worked out perfectly on the day we went shopping at DFO in Homebush. R&R was just few mins away in the Olympic Park. 
There were 4 of us, so we ordered a few things to share. Started with the Caesar (table size) $15.95. We knew we would be ordering a lot of meat, so we went for just the normal caesar salad instead of chicken caesar. 
Here's our Ribs & Rump Original $45.95 (pork ribs, lamb ribs & 250g rump). It was served with baked potatoes. The lamb ribs were surprisingly good! I'm not so much a lamb person because of the smell, but this time I actually didn't mind it at all! Meat was thick and tender covered in fingers licking tasty sauce. 
Oh, by the way, in case of messy eater like me who could never eat laksa without everyone knowing (because laksa soup will be all over my clothes), R and R bibs with cute logos all over were provided :) From this photo we can see that mum was enjoying her ribs :D 
Here's the Mixed Grill - combination of beef and lamb ribs, sirloin steak, cutlets and rangy beef sausafe, topped with fried egg - $48.95. This was so HUGE that we couldn't finish eating everything. I think just this alone was enough for all 4 of us with some sides. There were more lamb ribs here so we were happy :) 
Definitely going to order this again when I visit R&R next - the Sizzling black mushrooms $12.95 - giant field mushrooms grilled to perfection and served in garlic butter. The smell from the garlic butter was so good! They weren't kidding when they say GIANT mushrooms. These were so plump and juicy, totally coated in yummy garlic butter. 
We couldn't even finish our main, so no room for dessert that day. Definitely protein overloaded :p Service was quite good, staff was very friendly. Looking at the photos now I feel like some of the ribs again :)

Ribs and Rumps No 8 Dawn Fraser Avenue, Homebush Bay 2127 NSW Tel: 02 9746 0554 

We went there for lunch, so it was quite bright during the day. However, inside could be a bit dim if not seated close to the window. 


  1. mmmm those mushies look so good. I'd just order them.

  2. I think there's one in North Ryde too although I've never been before. This place is now on my to-go list as well ;) I love mushrooms! Def going to try the lamb ribs as well (interesting how its topped with a fried egg..hehe)

  3. hi Scott, yes, the mushrooms were really good! definitely must order :)

    hi Vivienne, yes, there's 1 at North Ryde. The mixed grill with fried egg was good just beware of the HUGE serving :)

  4. Wow those ribs look mighty impressive, and those mushrooms!

  5. definitely! I would go back there again when I have my next ribs craving :)

  6. I love the photo of you grinning like a spoilt kid. I would be doing the exact same if I was eating those ribs. hahaha. I am like you. I always walk out of a restaurant wearing the food. The boy says he can't take me anywhere.

  7. haha.. no no.. the 1 in the pic wasn't me.. that was mum kekekee :) but yeah.. I think we both should invest in 1 of those 'magic marker' thingy for clothes, where we just paint over the stain and it'll instantly be removed.. :)

  8. i'd love to try the one in manly to compare to Hurricanes. definitely will try not to order too much so there's no wastage of food. the ribs sound good :-)

  9. yup yup .. :) definitely give it a try and let me know what you think!