Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sean's Tapas

My best friend came to visit from Malaysia. So 1 afternoon after watching movie, we decided to go and have a late lunch. It was around 3pm. Initially we planned to go Suminoya for Japanese BBQ, but because movie went longer than expected, we couldn't make it to Suminoya's lunch hours. So we decided to walk across the Pyrmont Bridge to the Star City and had lunch there. 
When we walked out of the lift, we thought the place is closed till dinner too! The whole place was empty! Then we saw a waiter and asked whether they were still open for lunch and he said yes. So we just sat down at the sofa (seemed like a good idea to sit on comfy sofa at first, but actually it was quite hard to eat on sofa with food on the coffee table :p). 
Anyway, as soon as we sat down and got comfortable, the waiter brought us some bread, olives and olive oil. Both of us weren't really olive person, but we still finished the bread :) 
This was our Goat's cheese croquettes with smoked paprika aioli $8.The crust was very very crispy with warm soft goat's cheese inside. The smell wasn't too strong which was good for me :)
Crispy Prawns - Aioli & garlic crisps $16. The batter was like a crunchy coat to the prawn. Served with garlicky aioli and thinly sliced deep fried garlic crisps. Yummy! But just needed some chewing gum afterwards :p 
This was the most 'unexpected' dish for me - the Egg & Chips, 62 degree egg with tomato chutney $9. The eggs and potatoes were brought to our table separately, then eggs were cracked in front of us and mixed with the potato at the table. 
Toasted cheese sandwich with Murcia Al Vino cheese $8. Simple and yummy. Crunchy toast with melted gooey cheese, classic! 
For dessert, we ordered the Churros with chocolate dipping sauce - $12. I think San Churro got nicer churros though. 
Overall it was quite an enjoyable late lunch. A good friend, a few small dishes, cozy lounges, if only I can spend my afternoon like this everyday :) 

Sean's Kitchen
Level 2, Star City
80 Pyrmont Street
NSW 2009
Tel: 97779000

Cozy little place but not so camera friendly because not enough lighting. 


  1. Wow, this looks great! I love churros so will have to check Sean's Kitchen out.. I've been to Astral, but this looks so relaxed and tasty (and much cheaper!) :)

  2. yeah, it's nice and relaxing :) good for a lazy afternoon light meal..

  3. The food you had looks so nice and the egg and chips is such an English dish

  4. aahhh... didn't know egg and chips is an English dish.. Learnt something new today :) Thanks John!

  5. I always forget that there are good options within Star City! And I'm loving cozy spaces now that it's winter! :D

  6. heehee.. yup yup .. there are a couple other restaurants in Star City that I want to try.. like Astral and Sean's Kitchen.. :)

  7. Haven't managed to visit this place yet, though I've heard some good things.

  8. It's quite good! I don't mind going there again for some nice food and then off to the casino for a few games :p