Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ice Cube

It was the day when we went Imax to watch Avatar. Thinking we should go early to get ticket and then start queuing up for good seats, so we decided to have dinner nearby. What could be nearer than Ice Cube which was just downstairs? Plus we got to use our Entertainment Book too :)
Started with our entree - Seared scallops, on spiced avocado and gazpacho dressing - $21. Fresh and plump scallops, nicely caramelised on the outside, rested on top of spiced avocado 'stubs'. We didn't really like the whole dressing and avocado combination though. Didn't feel like they suited the scallops. 
Second entree - Seasonal sashimi plate - $19.50. Since they had a sushi/sashimi bar in the restaurant, so we thought we would try the sashimi. Not too bad, thick slices of fresh salmon and kingfish. Nothing too impressive though.  
After our rather "o.k but not great" entress, we didn't really have high expectation of the mains. To our surprise, the mains were actually very good!! Robin's main - Whole Fish of the day - Oven baked Snapper - $34. Fish was nicely done with crunchy skin but meat still moist. Very fresh too! Robin happily polished the whole plate clean. 

Thinking I should have something different from what I normally would order, I went for the Rock fish casserole - black tiger prawns, scallops, bugs, reef fish, squid & mussels delicately poached in a citrus infused crayfish broth served with a crusty garlic baquette & saffron rouille - $38.50. This was so good!! The broth was so full of seafood goodness. It was really sweet from all the fresh seafood. It was surprisingly filling too!! 

Didn't really have any room for dessert, plus didn't really have time too because by the time we wait for dessert and finish eating, we would've been late for movie. When we paid the bill, we were asked to give some feedback, in return, we would receive a $40 voucher for next meal. We said we definitely would go back again once we get the voucher since we enjoyed the mains very much. We did get the voucher after a few days, but the voucher is now expired :( (ops.. I guess that sort of shows how far behind I am with my posts. The voucher given for another visit was expired even before I got to write about first visit :p ) Anyway, conclusion was the mains were way better than entrees. Not that they were bad, just wasn't as impressive. Wouldn't mind going back again if my voucher hasn't expired :p 

Ice cube
Ground Floor, The Imax Theatre Complex
31 Wheat Road
Darling Harbour, Sydney NSW 2000
Tel: 02-82673666

It was a little dark there, but not too bad. Just need slightly higher ISO like 400 or more. 


  1. The rockfish seafood stew looks really good! And perfect for this weather too :D Did you like Avatar?

  2. Avatar was really good! It was a bit more than 2.5 hrs long but didn't feel like it at all!

  3. I've often wondered about this place. The food looks quite good actually. Love Avatar btw, have seen it twice!

  4. haha.. I watched it twice too!! Waiting for the price of the bluray to drop, then I'll get 1 too :) I just really like all the scenery in that show..