Sunday, August 22, 2010


Had a really bad day that day. So to make myself feel better I told Robin I wanted to have sushi and sashimi for dinner. That's why we ended up here. This restaurant was mentioned in the SMH not long ago and it's only about 10-15 mins away from home. 
Started with a simple Seaweed Salad - $8.50. Wonder if anyone knows how to make those japanese salad dressing. Really liked the dressing. 
We thought Takoyaki - $6 for 5 pieces was a bit expensive, so maybe there's something unusual about it. Turned out nothing unusual. We actually had to have them remade because the first time the takoyaki was still icy cold inside. Then they sent us another bowl. Nothing special, it's just that they were very generous with the octopus inside. Each ball had like 2-3 big chunks of octopus and the texture of the batter was very smooth. 
Favourite of the night Agemochi - $6.50. Deep fried rice cake with light sauce. Looked exactly like agedashi tofu, but it's mochi inside. First time having mochi done this way, it's so sticky and chewy and went surprisingly well with the savoury sauce!! Really really liked it. 

Deep fried flounder served with ponzu sauce - $12. We thought they would serve a whole flounder, but actually not. It was served in pieces. Taste was good, but some of the thicker bones weren't crispy enough to eat. 
Flat head tempura - $10 . It was on the special menu, so we thought we should try it. Not too bad actually. Batter was thin and crispy, fish was very fresh too.
Now, the sushi + sashimi combo - $35 that I wanted. They came in those 2 tier containers. Here's the sashimi and the other 1 was the sushi. 
Didn't look really spectacular, but they didn't disappoint me since that's the whole point of visiting. At least there weren't any stringy pieces and all of them were fresh. 

Didn't really have many choices for dessert, so we didn't order any. Also, we couldn't find that yellowtail sashimi that was recommended in SMH on the menu. Overall, I'm very very happy that I've finally found a decent Japanese restaurant in Sydney south. Moved here for few months already and this was the first decent Japanese restaurant that we don't have to travel at least an hour for. 

Masa Japanese Restaurant
28 Princes Hwy
Sylvania NSW 2224
Tel: (02) 9522 6995
Note: Booking in advance is highly recommended. It's not a big restaurant and we went there on a Monday and it was full and really busy (only 2 person working in there). 

Lighting wasn't too bad in there, just a little cramped. 

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