Friday, September 3, 2010

The Sultan's Table

Finally some good news after a series of drama, reminds me of the movie "A series of unfortunate events" (luckily it ends with a happy ending). That's why wasn't quite in a very good mood lately. Fed up of feeling negative and all though. At least it looks like the worst is now over and can start to see some good things happening. I'm definitely a happy ending person. Don't like watching sad movies and don't get people who likes watching sad movies too :p Anyway, luckily still managed to have some good food while all the dramas happening :) 

Decided to meet up with some friends for dinner at The Sultan's Table. They said that they haven't had a dinner at a Turkish restaurant before. So we thought this should be a good place to introduce them to nice Turkish food :) 

Large Mixed Dip - $20. This was probably the most colourful dish in the restaurant. Clockwise from top left corner: parsley, spinach, carrot, hummus, chilli, ??? , beetroot, ???. Some eggplant in the centre. Sorry about the 2 that I can't remember. Hummus was my favourite. The dips were served with some freshly baked Turkish bread. We weren't even half way through the dips when we finished our first basket of bread. Had to order extra bread. 

Mixed grill - Combination of Adana, lamb, chicken kebabs served with salad and turkish bread - $26. There were 3 types of skewers here. Chicken was the best. The adana and the lamb skewers were a bit dry. Next time should just get the chicken. 

Iskender - Fine slices of doner kebab meat served on a layer of turkish bread topped with home made yoghurt and special red sauce - $12. This was very different from the usual kebab. The layer of bread at the bottom soaked up all the yummy juice from the meat and the 'special red sauce'. When I read 'red sauce' automatically I thought it's gonna be spicy. It's actually not! It's like some sort of tomato based sauce or something. 

Chicken pide - chicken, spinach, mushroom, onion, tomato, cheese & parsley - $13. For someone who's not too adventurous, this might be a good choice. Everyone will enjoy a good chicken pide :) 

Here's something for those who want something little bit different with a bit more 'kick' - Sucuklu - Turkish sausage, cheese, egg & parsley - $12. First time having turkish sausage. It's actually quite spicy! Robin had a bit of trouble with it but I actually quite enjoyed it. I reckon it tasted better than the chicken pide, but it's a bit oilier than the chicken though. 

Definitely don't mind visiting again. Everything tasted great and serving was very very generous. We ordered 5 dishes for 4 people and still ended up with 4 containers full of leftover for next day's lunch. So that means 5 dishes were actually enough to feed 8!!! 

179 Enmore Rd
Enmore NSW 2042
Tel: (02) 9557 0229
Note: Booking is not necessary but highly recommended if you are not prepared to wait.

Lighting conditions varies depending on the tables. Some tables were set up close to light source some were actually quite dark especially out at the courtyard. Tables inside the shop should have better lighting. I actually don't really like these photos that I took here. They weren't focused at the right spot, didn't have the right DOF or they just don't tell much. All because I was rushing when I was taking photos. Couldn't wait to dig in, so I didn't spend enough time to properly adjust the settings and get the shot that I really like.  


  1. hmm hope everything is ok dude *hugs* the beetroot dip is so bright hehe it always makes me smile at how pink it is

  2. Thanks Suze :)
    yeah.. love the bright colours of those dips! look so inviting hehee..

  3. Really like this place and was there just the other night. Great food, honest and very well priced

  4. it's very easy to over order in this place. the dips and bread alone is a stomach filler which i reckon is more than enough with maybe a couple of main dishes to share. :-)

  5. Hi John, yeah, it's like our latest favourite place to bring people to now :)

    Hi Simon, I agree!! Almost everytime I go there we would end up with too much food heehee...

  6. hi Thang, the chicken pide was nice. but next visit I'll try other pides.. so many different flavours to choose from!! :)