Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Brasserie

Went Melbourne for work a while ago. It was quite a good trip! Work wise, learnt a lot, came back feeling much better about my new role than before. Food wise, my boss actually said "go and have some good food, don't just get red rooster and stay in hotel" :D Then, I actually got to meet up with a blogger friend and had a great dinner (talk more about that next post). Anyway, so 1 evening me and my colleague finished work, so we just walked around Southbank looking for dinner. We actually walked into Nobu thinking should have a table at 830pm, but NOPE. So we had to pick another restaurant. Ended up at the Brasserie. 

Since our boss actually said 'go and have some nice dinner, get a glass a wine or something', so being a good employee of course I follow my 'orders' :p Ordered a The Nesspresso Martini - A smooth blend of Grey Goose Vodka, Kahlua, Frangelico and a shot of Nesspresso. Coffee kept me awake, alcohol made me sleepy, so they should cancel each other out when combined :p It was actually quite nice. 
Then some bread was served with olive oil and some salt with cracked pepper and something else (can't remember what those were). 

After a while, entrees were served. I had The brasserie chicken liver and foie grae terrine with toasted onion jam tartine, mesclun salad - $22.50. I really liked the onion jam. Terrine was really nice, but the only problem I had was I didn't have enough toast and onion jam to go with it. 

I tried a bit of my colleague's Steak Tartare - hand-diced raw wagyu beef with condiments - $22.50. It was really good!! I liked his entree better than my own actually :p I should've got that too. I would've been very happy with my terrine if I didn't try this :p 

Colleague ordered the Dorper lamb rack - herb crusted with eggplant caviar - $38.50. Didn't try this, but it looked really good. He was very happy with it. 

I was thinking of ordering something different, something that I normally wouldn't order. So I got the Cep mushroom gnocchi - with truffle oil and new season asparagus - $35. Saw a lot of gnocchi making on masterchef, but I actually can't remember when was the last time I ate them. I was surprised how fluffy and airy each 1 of them were. Basically a plate of yummy mini soft edible pillows. Loved those crispy cheese that were on top too! 

We were very full after entree and main. Colleague asked if I wanted dessert. I decided not to have dessert here because while walking from hotel to restaurant, I saw a gelato stall. So I decided to go back to that stall for gelato instead. 
Guess what flavour was this? Licorice!! When I first looked at it I thought "hmm.. licorice ice-cream..I'm not a licorice person.. maybe I'll get the hazelnut" but I was very curious because it was my first time seeing that flavour. So I asked if I could try a bit of it. It was definitely love at first bite!! It was so sooo good! My favourite flavour now. Unfortunately I still don't know where I can get licorice ice-cream in Sydney. I got 1 scoop and this was how my 1 scoop looks like. More ice-cream outside of the cup than inside (by the way, colleague was the hand model here). He ordered a scoop too, but he only got his cup filled and only a little bump in the middle that's taller than the cup's rim haha.. Not sure why that guy gave me so much more, but I'm definitely not complaining :D 

The Brasserie

Crown Entertainment Complex
8 Whiteman St 
Southbank VIC 3006
Tel: (03) 9292 7808 

Lighting wasn't too bad at our table. Little bit dark, but still not too bad. I just felt a bit awkward taking photo of food with colleague because he was quite new and I didn't know him well. Not many people at work knows about my blog. He was cool with me taking photos of his food though. Ended up telling him about my blog and got him 'cooperated'. He would turn his plate for me and even volunteered to be my hand model haha.. Needless to say, we got along quite well :) 


  1. Tartare looks great! It seems my taste for meat gets more and more raw each day...

    Yeah, it's great when friends rotate plates at their own initiative. Well trained ;)

  2. yum the tartare looks fab and that licorice ice cream sounds interesting! hey dude are you coming to the picnic on sat?

  3. mc.. tartare was really good! we tried to figure out what the marinate was, but all was written on menu was 'condiments'.. *sigh*..

    chocolatesuze.. licorice ice cream was really really nice.. I wasn't so much a licorice person before, but I'm totally converted now.. haha.. can't make it to picnic though.. sorry.. but I'm sure I'll be reading about it :)

  4. haha i think i went to the same gelato stall last week and saw that licorice! eeek! i had the bacio one instead.
    that mushroom gnocchi dish look so goood. as well as that nespresso martini...creative!

  5. hahaha.. try it !! it's good !!! bring some back for me next time hahaha.. :p