Friday, December 31, 2010

Glass Brasserie

Welcome to the last post of Brunch, Lunch & Munch.... for 2010 :p No, I'm not planning to close my blog down just yet, even though at times I seemed to have abandoned it. It certainly doesn't feel like I've been writing this blog for more than 1 year already. 
Being 1 of the lucky people that was approached by the organiser of Sydney Festival, I jumped at the opportunity to sample the Fast Festival Feast special offer at Glass Brasserie, Hilton. It's $30 for a main course with a glass of wine. (For list of other participating restaurants, visit the Fast Festival Feasts website

This was the wine that I had. Stoneleigh Pinot Gris. I quite like this actually because it's got a bit of sweetness in it. Not so much like moscato which I really like, but this was also quite easy to drink. 

Started off with some freshly baked bread with olive oil. If you're thinking the presentation of the bread looked odd, there's a very simple answer - I forgot to take photo before I went for the bread. Was too busy chatting with Cindy from Marketing Department in Hilton who was having this lunch with me. I guess if I gave an impression it'd be "the blogger who forgot to take photo" :p 

Here's the main - Confit chicken leg, rocket salad with pickled orange zest, cauliflower puree and dates. I was surprised how well the sweet dates went with the tender chicken which was cooked for 2 hours in its own juice and goose fat. Rocket salad with the pickled orange was nice and refreshing too. 

We actually had six Petit four :) From right to left, started with chocolate orange logs and mango passionfruit jelly
Then there was nougat, the very pretty orange marshmallow and chocolate friand. The nougat was really good! Chewy and sticky with strong honey taste. The orange marshmallow was good too! Looked so pretty. 
  The last was a new French dessert that I learnt from this meal. It's a canel√©. Made with rum and vanilla. By looking at it I thought it was similar to a custard tart or with some filling inside. There's actually no filling. The outside was caramelized giving it a crust, while the inside was soft. The texture was a bit like a cake, but not soft and fluffy it's little bit more doughy and a bit more chewy. Quite interesting. 

Lastly, a hot chocolate with a cookie to finish off the satisfying meal :) 

Even though it was just a main and a glass of wine, but having the bread before main, then half a dozen of petit four AND a cup of hot chocolate, I was really full. 

glass brasserie
Level 2, Hilton Sydney
488 George St, Sydney
Tel: 02 9265 6068

My table was very close to the big window looking straight at QVB. It would've been a really good view if QVB wasn't under renovation. I really should start taking photos at lunch time rather than dinner. It was so much easier :) 

*YW dined as guest of Sydney Festival at glass brasserie


  1. Have never tried a confit chicken leg before, and I love caneles! That caramelised chewiness is so addictive!

  2. it was very good! :) definitely not a bad deal for $30

  3. I would love to know what you paid for that plate of petit four. It certainly looked worthwhile! A simple but delectable meal! :D

  4. thanks thang! :) they were yum indeed

    Hi Gummi baby, I think $30 was all you need to pay for that meal. Unfortunately I think the Fast Festival Feasts specials are now over.. Hope they will have it again next year :)