Thursday, October 4, 2012

Birthday 2012 - Bathers' Pavilion

Don't really have much time to write long and detailed reviews anymore these days but I still like to share some pretty looking food photos. Went to Bathers' Pavilion for my birthday this year. Left the little monster to my mum and best friend who came from overseas (I felt little bit bad though.. they came from overseas and I made them my babysitters). So Robin and I had a really good dinner that night. 

Amuse bouche. I think it was smoked trout something something. Baby brain. So if it's not on the menu, I probably can't remember it even if you get the waiter to repeat it 3 times :p 

Robin wanted to try something different. Something that he doesn't usually order - Brandade soup with smoked eel and roe
potato skins, cranberries and watercress. 

For my entree, I had the Galantine of quail, foie gras and leek ash confit leg, verjuice jelly, mizuna. 

His main - Victorian lamb fillet with confit lamb breast globe artichokes, smoked yoghurt, baby turnips and seeds.
My main - Free range chicken with sea urchin butter, parsnip, baked apple and winter greens. Normally I'm not too keen on ordering chicken, but this time it's the sea urchin butter that got me. Very interesting butter, it's rich and creamy but I probably couldn't tell if I didn't know it's sea urchin. 

Robin's dessert - Vanilla panna cotta with pain perdu, honey nut crunch strawberry and yoghurt sorbet. I didn't get to try his dessert. Stomach wasn't too well that day so I didn't dare to stuff myself too much. 

I really really enjoyed my dessert! Mango cheesecake, pineapple cream and white meringue, passionfruit gel, tropical pearls. It tasted really good it was also lots of fun! I really liked the pineapple cream and meringue.. the tropical pearls were so much fun. They were like salmon roe with thin membrane outside and when bitten, tropical juice just burst inside the mouth. Lots of fun! Some might ask, where's the cheesecake? 

This round thing is the cheesecake! It's size of a big marble. When it was being served, the waiter said "this glossy ball is edible. Lots of people left them on the plate they probably thought it's plastic". It's so glossy that it really looked like plastic. Very cute. 

Just as well we didn't do the degustation, otherwise I wouldn't be able to have this dessert :) 

Bathers' Pavilion
4 The Esplanade
Balmoral Beach 2088
Tel: 02 99695050

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