Thursday, February 28, 2013


To celebrate our 3rd anniversary, we handed the little monster to in laws and headed to Tomislav at Kings Cross. Thought we should enjoy our night out, so we went for the degustation which wasn't on the menu. Apparently it's just whatever the chef felt like serving on that day. Some might be on the menu, some might not. Sounded fun and adventurous, so we went for it :) 

Started with some awesome rice crackers and a perfume bottle with vinegar in it. So you can have as much or as little vinegar as you want. 

Here's some spraying in action :D

THE best marshmallow ever!! 3 cheese marshmallow. We actually asked the waitress if we could buy these for take away haha.. :p 

Soft Polenta Cream with apple ice and caramel ice cream.  I really like the creamy polenta, but not so sure about mixing it with the cold apple ice... still good though.. 

Churned butter to go with sour dough from the Iggy's bakery. Apparently that bakery got really good bread according to my chef bro in law. Didn't think much of that bread (tasted like a normal sour dough to me haha..) , but I liked the butter. 

Spanish makerel carpaccio with 
salad burnette, mackerel mousse,
prawn crackers. Luckily Robin said he still prefers my mum's homemade prawn crakers. Otherwise he would've gotten into whole lot of trouble hahaha.. :p 

Poached yellow fin tuna with sour potato, rainforest lime, grilled Chinese cabbage. 1 of the best dishes of the night. Next time I'll try making mashed potato with some lime zest on it. Tasted really good!! 

Butter poached scallops with seaweed - peas shoots, Crystal Bay prawns. 

Roast Veal Sweetbread with grilled mango, foie gras crumbs, poached quail’s yolk. The foie gras crumbs were so good!!! It was icy cold, creamy, rich, yet crumbly. So so good. 

Grilled blackmore's tongue with 
sour beetroot, malt ice cream, 
grilled purple onions. 

Interesting salad for extra side dish. Lettuce with hazelnut and cranberries. 

Lastly, Lemon cheesecake with mint crumbs, vanilla ice cream, compressed watermelon. Not sure what does compressed watermelon mean. It looked and tasted like normal watermelon to me haha.. Oh well.. maybe they did something to it but I didn't notice.. 

Overall it was a great night out. Really really happy with the food. Almost had the whole restaurant to ourselves because there weren't anyone else other than 1 other customer that came in half way through out our meal. Service was excellent! As the degustation wasn't on the menu, so I had to quickly write down the dishes on my phone as the waitress served them. Guess what happens with my clumsy fingers? I accidentally deleted the note. Couldn't be bothered trying to remember everything from the start, so I asked the waitress for the menu. She said she would type it out in and email to me which she did the next day. So it was very nice of her. Only thing that didn't work is lighting wasn't perfect for photos. Oh well... sorry people.. If they start opening at lunch time I'll go again and try to take nicer photos heehee.. :) 

Tomislav Restaurant

2/13 Kirketon Rd, Sydney NSW 2010
Tel:02-9356 4535
Hours: 6:00 pm–11:00 pm 
Closed Monday

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