Friday, January 22, 2016


I think I need to ease myself back into writing again. So let's just keep it short and simple for now. Went to Bennelong for lunch to celebrate Robin's birthday. Here are the photos. 
No idea what Kombucha was, just ordered it because I saw words like lime and mint on the drinks menu. 
Robin's entree Seared blue mackerel, takuan pickles, preserved lemon, green wheat, marrow broth, nasturtiums
My entree Smoked Blackmore Wagyu tartare, fermented chilli paste, cultured cream & grains, mushrooms, seaweed, egg yolk
Robin's main Roasted John Dory, served on teh bone, orach, turnips, native coastal greens, umami butter
My main Snapper fillet, strawberry clams, purple asparagus, garlic chives, ice plant, garlic blossoms
Complimentary cupcake!!! I now learn to always tell them what I'm celebrating when I book the table. Most of the time you might not get anything, but maybe once in a while when you're lucky you will get THE BEST CUPCAKE EVER!! 
Robin's dessert Cherry Jam Lamington. His comment after eating is "How am I supposed to go back to normal lamington from Coles now?" Menu is not very descriptive so I'll have to explain a little. The white fluffy stuff was shaved coconut ice cream. The covering chocolate was thick and gooey. The tart cherry jam inside just cut through the sweetness of the chocolate, so that overall it's not overly sweet. 

 My Pavlova. I ordered this because it looked nothing like a normal pavlova. Saw this Opera House looking dessert on some other blogs before and it just got stuck in my head. So I just had to order it. 
There we go. First blog in almost 3 years :) Hope it won't be another 3 years till the next post. 

Bennelong Restaurant

Sydney Opera House
Bennelong Point, Sydney NSW 2000
Tel: 02-9240 8000

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