Saturday, May 13, 2017


Bread proofing at the table

Potato damper on lemon myrtle smoked macadamia butter & native thyme

Hot-smoked pipis & beach succulents

Kangaroo tendon & tasmanian mountain pepper

Riberry, native juniper, muntrie & mango

Spencer Gulf prawn & Davidson plum

Pancetta, potato & pepper pie

Smoky Bay Oyster

Beetroot Roses

Cuttlefish, dry aged beef, finger lime & sea parsley

Freshly baked bread (from the dough that was proofing at the table)

Yabby with potato & young macadamia salad

Kohlrabi, dorrigo, quandong & lemon myrtle

Coorong mullet, lemon iron bark, warrigal greens & Geladton wax (and green ants)

South Devon beef, blackberry, wild garlic, smoked potato & leek

Paperbark, macadamia & zig zag wattle

Native currant fool

Jillungin tea, bottle brush & tree nut tea

Set buffalo milk, strawberry & eucalyptus

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