Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Day Lunch

Is it too late to post another Christmas lunch post? I have a very good reason for posting so late though :p Photos were inside someone else's camera. I went to this Christmas lunch at my auntie's place. Cousin brought his 5DMKII along. Seeing his 5D with L macro lens, I didn't even bother taking my camera out of the bag :p Took some photos with his camera, but too scared to play it for too long because I won't be able to buy 1 for him if anything happens.   Anyway, so here are the photos from his camera. I think I took the asparagus photo, but I think cousin took everything else. 

Here's the antipasto plate that auntie prepared. Asparagus + stuffed peppers + sundried tomato (at the other side of the plate). By the way, this is another 1 of the "east meets west" Christmas lunch again :)  

Here's the "East" side of things. "lou sui' chicken wings and egg. Not sure of the proper name in English, but it's chicken and egg cook in this soy base sauce over mild fire for long time. There's only rough recipe for the sauce because from what I know, this sauce is use repeatedly over the years. Everytime my uncle take the sauce out, he'll add more things to it, cook the meat, then pour the sauce back to the jar and keep it in the fridge for next time. So all the flavouring and goodness are kept and accumulated for future use. 

Colourful looking sushi. When I asked my auntie who made these, she said her "Korean friend". Someone then finished the sentence with "at the Korean shop". So yeah, it's Korean sushi from Korean shop :) Taste different from Japanese sushi for sure. It's got pickle, ham, egg, carrot, cucumber. 

Now the "west" side of the party - the main focus of the day - our 11kg ham :) The skin was peeled off and made into crackling which I didn't manage to take a photo of. The crackling was soooo good but nobody dare to eat too much of it because we all know it's soooo bad :p 

Let's just say I "dropped their glasses" when I went to the party with this tray of fruit tarts. It was fun when people look at me with their disbelieve face :D Yes, I made them and this is the ONLY thing I can make. They all know that I don't cook and I can't cook. This is the only thing that I've learnt properly on how to make. The only motivation to learn is that I couldn't find the same type of fruit that that my auntie in M'sia used to make for me. So the only way to eat it in Australia is to learn how to make from her and then make them myself when I'm back in Sydney. This time I got carried away with the fruits too :D 

Boxing day was 1 of my auntie's birthday, so we had a tiramisu birthday cake for her :) 

Anyway, so there goes the silly season. I should start thinking what I want to do with Easter :) 


  1. I think you have more upcoming things to think about than Easter ;)

  2. Hehe no I still love looking at people's Christmas spreads! How magnificent! I love those stuffed peppers adn have a serious addiction to them (and a costly one when I was overseas) :P

  3. What a great christmas lunch you had!! Love the ham and the desserts! Drool!!

  4. yum i love that shot of the asparagus! and the ham!

  5. MC: haha.. just planning ahead a bit more...

    Lorraine: I'm not a fan of capsicum so I didn't try it.. just thought they look quite cute and "christmasy" . little balls of red.. hehee.. :)

    Ellie: thanks!! the ham was really good! we couldn't finish though.. still ended up with about 10 takeaway containers full of ham haha...

    chocolatesuze: thanks!! :) I know I did take the asparagus shot.. but I think credit should go to my cousin for the ham shot .. hehee.. :)