Friday, January 8, 2010

Outback Steakhouse

My work place is very very close to this restaurant. To me it's 1 of those places that I think "I can go anytime I want" because it's nearby, but I never really step in because there's always "we'll go next time since it's so close". So 1 day, we finally decided to step in when we were meeting up with some friends. This is 1 of their favourite restaurant because of the bottomless softdrinks :)

Entrée#1: Cheese Chips $12.95 - Chips topped with Aussie jack, Cheddar cheese, bits of fresh chopped bacon and served with a spicy ranch dressing. I always say when comes to food, the more unhealthy it is, the nicer they taste. This is 1 of those things for sure :D Taste really good, just a bit messy to eat because you either get a big chunk because the melted cheese just stick all the chips together, or you get the chips without the cheese and bacon. 

Entrée#2:Bloomin' Onion $9.95. Handcrafted onion cooked until golden and served with Outback's spicy signature bloom sauce. I like this entrée more for 2 reasons 1. can't get this anywhere else 2. it looks VERY PRETTY :) Of course it taste good too! Onion is sweet and a bit spicy itself, the sauce is creamy and little bit spicy too. Both entrée were really big, I was half way full by the end of it. 

I ordered the 285g Rockhampton Ribeye $27.95. All steaks come with a soup/salad and potato (mashed or baked). Here's my garden salad. It's a big plate of salad. I'm 3/4 full after finish my plate of salad. 

This is our bread and butter to share for the table. This is the 1 thing that I look forward to having everytime I visit this restaurant. I love this bread. It's crispy outside and very very warm and soft inside. They bake their own bread. It's little bit sweet, dark brown in colour, still warm when it got to our table. 

Here's Robin's pumpkin soup. He picked the soup while I picked my salad. The soup was very smooth and creamy, very nice with the croutons from my salad :D 

Can't remember which steak Robin was having, but here's the look of his steak with veggies :) He ordered medium rare and it was cooked just nice. Still pink and juicy inside. 

Here's my steak. Luckily I ordered the small steak. I was already full after 1/4 of the steak. I ordered mine medium, I think mine was cooked a little bit too long. All of us were almost full when our main arrived. We just sat there, chit chat and eventually still managed to finish everything :) 
If I remember correctly, I think our friend who really like the bottomless softdrink had like 5 of them. I really don't know how he could fit all the drinks and food in his stomach. Amazing. 

Level 1, 3 George Street
North Strathfield
NSW 2137 Australia

Telephone: +61 2 8756 5741 


  1. He must've used his reserve stomach...

  2. Omg look at that Bloomin' Onion! I'd happily scoff that with a beer in front of a dvd. Beautiful photos :)

  3. MC: yeah... I think so too .. must've used the dessert stomach since we didn't have any dessert there..

    Karen: yes!! you are soo right :) It will go very very well with beer and DVD

  4. I have to admit that even thought it's nothing really do with the Outback I do love the Bloomin Onions here! I wanted to go when they opened but they said they were having trouble sourcing big enough onions but looks like they found them. Hurray! :D

  5. hey Lorraine, I've been there a few times over the years, so far no problem getting the onions :) I think we ordered the onion every time we went there.