Friday, January 8, 2010

Last meal of 2009

For the whole day of NYE, I was contemplating whether to go out to see fireworks. People who knows me know that I love my fireworks. I guess I'm getting old though, because I didn't go out to see fireworks this time. The thought of parking the car far away to walk to vantage point and the wait between 9pm and midnight with nothing to do (if I were to watch both sessions), just sounded too much work :p So, I ended up watching fireworks on TV. Not the same. Definitely not the same. Maybe next year. I'll go early, get a good spot and set my tripod up again :) 

Anyway, so that day I had BBQ at Robin's place with his family. Not the usual BBQ though, it's those hot plate BBQ like those they use in Korean restaurants. This is 1 of the more 'unusual' BBQ at home that I've been.  Here's our entree - homemade spring rolls and prawn crackers (with LOTS of REAL prawns made by my mum :p). 

Then there's the homemade variation of Hokkien Fried Rice. I've only learnt that fried rice with lots of gravy and seafood on top are called Hokkien Fried Rice after I came to Sydney. I've never seen this dish in Malaysia before, even though I am a Hokkien myself. 

Some stir fried greens with fermented tofu (腐乳) for the table. Don't think a lot of people can accept the taste of fermented tofu. It is an acquired taste I reckon. I really like them though. It's really good to go with stir fried vegs (lettuce is my favourite) or just that with plain white porridge (congee). 

Another homemade dish that usually served at Chinese restaurant - Shan-Dong chicken (山東雞). The whole chicken was roasted at home on that day. It was then left to cool before being cut up into pieces. Then the spring onion and tangy sauce were added to complete the dish. 
Now, so far still look pretty 'normal' for a Chinese dinner at home right? Here comes the more 'unusual' stuff! 

Here comes the gigantic prawns that were butterflied! They were MASSIVE. Every single one of them are longer than my palm. Thick white meat, bright orange sweet roe. They curled up slightly after being on the fire for a while. 

Now the even more 'unusual' stuff to be served at home - FRESH eel! How fresh you may ask? Swimming fresh! It was still swimming at the sink when I got there. No marinate, no sauce nothing. Sliced the meat up and straight to the BBQ. The freshness of the fish (I checked wiki, eels are an order of fish :p) is what you are eating. 
Here they are, ready to be served. 

Anyway, so here's my last meal of 2009. I'm sure there will be A LOT more good food to come in 2010 :)  

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