Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Honeymoon Part 1

O.k.. these honeymoon posts are going to be a bit different from my usual posts. Usually each post is of 1 meal with name of restaurant, contact number and prices (if I remember to take photo of the menu). Here, you will find that most of these are missing. That is because I went back to Malaysia for honeymoon and spent a few days at my Malaysia home. And at home, when they said we going to 'dinner at that shop next to the mechanics' or 'breakfast at the market', I knew exactly where we were going. Hence I totally forgot to find out the proper name of the place :p Been too used to the 'informal' name that it didn't occur to me that I'm gonna need their real name for my blog. Also, we never had to book table, so never needed their contact number.  Furthermore, it's honeymoon, brain wasn't quite working at all that time. Plus some of the meals we didn't even get to see the menu or the bill :p So with vital information for a food blog missing, I'll have to temporarily make this my travel journal haha.. 

Let's start from the morning of the day after we arrived at Malaysia. First place we went was MidValley. I like shopping in KL more than I like shopping here because shopping malls in KL are so much bigger than Sydney!! While we were there, I remembered my primary school friend works around there. So gave her a call and we met up for lunch :) What did we have?
Chicken rice!!! Love the bean sprouts :)  1 thing about chicken rice in Malaysia, you can have 2 types of chicken. The white chicken or the roast chicken. In sydney, for some reason I haven't been able to find a shop that make roast chicken. Only white chicken or soy chicken in Sydney. I ordered a roast chicken drumstick with char siew. Much to our disappointment, they gave us white rice instead of chicken rice. I think we had to ask for chicken rice specifically. Oh well... luckily mum makes great chicken rice at home haha.. so that compensated our disappointment with the rice. Friend ordered a curry noodle and we had an colourful entree (which I forgot the name due to missing menu :p) to share. 

We had to rush back home for dinner, so didn't really have a lot of time shopping at MidValley. Pretty much just lunch, then bought our cheap luggages to use (which broke on the way back to Sydney :p oh well.. can't ask for too much for something that cheap), then lug those luggages back to Port Dickson. Dinner that night was at "the restaurant at Kuala Lukut next to the mechanics" :p
There's this grill seafood stall at the side of this restaurant that make really good grill fish and stuff. My favourite is the grilled squid. Spicy with their chilli paste, served with a sweet/sour dipping sauce. I would've ordered the grilled stingray as well, but there were only 6 of us, so we probably wouldn't be able to finish it. Plus my dad brought a massive fish to the restaurant for them to cook.
Just normal stir fried lettuce over here. I think we ordered stir fried with fermented tofu, but it came our just normal stir fried with garlic and oyster sauce. Oh well, still good :) 
Dad's got some 'special connection' with the local fishermen. So whenever they got some good catch they will bring to my dad and ask if he wants them. So here are some big fresh prawns that we took to the restaurant to cook. (Don't think Sydney restaurants have BYO seafood though :p ) This is stir fried with curry leaves. It's got the nice curry smell from the leaves, but not spicy at all. 
Almost every Chinese restaurant I go, I ordered tofu haha.. Just steam tofu with soy sauce and deep fried garlic and onion. With tofu, the simpler it is, the more I like. I think this is probably 1 of the simplest way to serve tofu. The restaurant made their own tofu though. So can't get this same tofu anywhere else. Very very very smooth. Very fun to just put a big piece in your mouth and squeeze them through the teeth to break them haha.. No biting involved :p 
Main dish of the night - a big big sweep! (This is what I was told it's called in English. In Chinese I think we call it 昌鱼).Apparently Robin hasn't seen a sweep this big. It's about 40cm long. He said normally those that he sees in Sydney are like 1/3 of the size. He was very impressed with it. Restaurant cooked it just right. The flesh didn't become tough, still tender and smooth. Again, this is fresh from the fishermen. The best way to cook something so fresh is to steam it :) (I know we should steam the prawns too, but a bit plain if we have everything steam haha.. ) 
So this concludes the first day of our trip in Malaysia. 

2nd day in Malaysia. Mum took us to Seremban. Mum and I went to do facial and the man went to do his shopping at his favourite department store - Jusco. What's for brunch? Seremban beef noodle! I have to say this is my FAVOURITE FAVOURITE beef noodle! It's a MUST eat every single time I go back to M'sia. The gravy is very very thick. Full of the beef flavour from the meat, brisket and stomach that have been simmering in the gravy. It was served with some peanuts and sesame which adds some fragrant and crunch. Noodles was soooo slimey (in the good way) with the gravy that I just slurp them in and before you know it, whole bowl is gone. Mum also ordered extra homemade beef balls with soup to go with noodle. So where is this shop? It's the "beef noodle on top of Seremban market" or "the beef noodle shop opposite The Store" haha.. Sorry.. This is what I've been calling them over the past 20 years or more. Obviously I wasn't quite thinking like a blogger then. 
After facial and shopping, it's time for afternoon tea. Inside Jusco complex there's an Old Town White Coffee shop. So we just went in. 
Robin ordered a Old Town Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun and I had the OldTown Curry Mee. This time as a blogger I did better. I was going to nick 1 of their takeaway menu for price reference later on. However, my goldfish memory has done it again. I totally forgot about the menu after eating :p 
I like my curry noodle. They used the yellow thick egg noodle which I have also preferred in my laksa than mee hoon. The soup is thick, but not too spicy. It's more temperature hot than chilli hot. So it's just nice for me who can't really eat too spicy stuff. 
 Mum had her french toast with peanut butter inside. 2 slices of bread with LOTS of peanut butter inside. Coated with egg and deep fried till crispy outside. As you can see, blob of butter was put on top and it was melting. I can't remember clearly, but I think it was served with syrup. Yummmm... but not exactly ideal for someone with high blood pressure :p 
Anyway, that's it for now till I process more photos from honeymoon. I thought I'll have more time to process my photos and sort them out and things, but I just don't know where my time's gone. I think I need to go for time management course or something :p 


  1. Wow, thanks for taking us along on your honeymoon! :) I've never seen BBQ chicken with chicken rice before so I'm very intrigued. Also I don't think I've seen BYO seafood either! :D

  2. ahhhh i cant wait to go on my honeymoon we're going to malaysia too and oh baby i absolutely cannot wait to hit up the shopping centres 1 utama and midvalley ftw! the prawns look fantastic im going to go in search of 'cereal prawns' know anywhere good?

  3. Hey Lorraine, yeah, I got told off once when I tried to order roast chicken in Chinese takeaway shop "No roast chicken, roast duck or soy chicken" haha.. actually, I'm not sure if other people BYO seafood too.. or the restaurant just let us do that because my dad's their weekly regular haha..

    Hey chocolatesuze, have fun on ur honeymoon!! dun forget pyramid too!! haha.. ahh.. cereal prawns.. I didn't get to have any this trip :( I think most seafood restaurant should have it, but don't really know which 1's the best though..

  4. I'm a thick egg noodle person too! Don't like the mee hoon as much...

  5. yeah... I reckon egg noodle got more taste.. I don't mind mixing egg noodle with mee hoon though..

  6. I -think- they give you a choice of boiled or fried chicken with chicken rice at Laksa House (this is at Sydney!) which is... at... Grace Hotel I think? Someone correct me if I'm wrong, I've only been there twice.