Saturday, March 13, 2010

Honeymoon Part 2

This was our first honeymoon-ish place that we stayed. My uncle booked us a chalet at Avillion Port Dickson. Here's the photo of the adult only pool :) It was a lap pool with no children allowed - adults that act like children were allowed though i.e. the 2 of us haha.. We woke up at 7am due to jetlag, so we had the whole pool to ourselves :D 

Here's the look of the public pool where kids were allowed. There was a water slide and shallow section where kids could play.  Here's the chalet on the water. It was massive! With 2 king beds and 1 double bed, it's definitely more than enough for a family of 6 to stay. It's  a pity that the food at Avillion wasn't all that impressive. We had our dinner there the night before, wasn't too good. Lighting was bad for photos too, hence no food photo from Avillion. 

The day after we stayed at Avillion was the day we had another wedding reception. This was mainly for relatives and friends who couldn't join us on our wedding day in Sydney. So dad booked 15 tables of traditional banquet this time (no BYO seafood haha..:p) Again, I wasn't allowed to touch my camera that night, but I do have some photos that my sis took when she went 'taste testing' with my parents. 
1.Sharkfin chicken soup. This was very different from the normal sharkfin soup that I know.  It wasn't the thick starchy sharkfin soup with crab meat that people eat with vinegar. This was more like the normal clear chicken soup with herbs and sharkfin. Instead of strands of fins, each person actually got a whole 'slice' of fin. 
2. Abalone steak. Everyone was given fork and knife for this :) 1 abalone for each person. Lots of people were very impressed by this heehee.. The abalone was very tender. I think it was done by simmering it for long time? 
3. My dad's favourite fish - steam sweep. Big fresh steam fish :) 
4. Initially the 4th dish was sea cucumber. It got taken out of the menu on the actual day because my parents thought that the way the restaurant made the sea cucumber the same way as the abalone. So kind of duplicated and also too much because of the large servings. So this tom yum & fried prawns became the 4th dish. 

5. Mixed Vegetables. Honestly can't remember much about this dish. When they served this on the table I was probably too busy going around from table to table shouting 'yummmmm seeeennnggg!!' to everyone haha.. 
6. This was another highlight of the night - Hakka style Fried Rice. Again, it's something that's different from the usual. The rice itself was very nice but they also put coriander in it which I didn't like. However, I still received plenty of positive feedbacks from my friends on this :)
 7. Even the dessert was something unusual - honeydew sago with ice-cream. It doesn't sound like anything special, but for some reason it just tasted like something I've never tried before. Normally honeydew sago is served with coconut milk. This was with vanilla ice-cream which made it a lot creamier and allowed it to stay cool for longer :) 
8. Last dessert - "wo bing". Not sure what this is called in English though. It's kinda like deep fried pastry with some sweet filling inside. Usually it's red bean paste or lotus paste. As everything else was 'out of the norm' in 1 way or another, this of course had to have a twist to it as well. It wasn't red bean or lotus paste in it, it had a bright green filling heehe.. :) I'm pretty sure it was pandan with something :p Maybe lotus paste with pandan?? 
Conclusion,  I had an AWESOME night  :)  All my close friends were there (some friends that go all the way back to kindy), cousins & relatives as well, lots of great food, not to mention lots of alcohol too! hahaha.. whisky, brandy, champagne, red wine, white wine.. dad was quite prepared to empty his collection of XO and wine and get everyone drunk haha... Robin was 1 of the victims kekeeke.. :p 
Oh so where's this restaurant? It's Country Home at Lukut (between CIMB and EON bank). If anyone needs to know their number, drop me a comment and I'll ask for it from my dad heehee..   

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