Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Honeymoon Part 3

Now here's the part that I like the most - 3 nights at Pangkor Laut Resort. It's the most relaxing place I've ever been. It's an tiny little island own by the resort. We got the package that included all our meals with accommodation. There were a few restaurants on the island for us to pick. However, as expected, the fine dining restaurant was not included in package. 
We stayed in 1 of these chalet on the water in the Spa Village. Initially we booked sea villa, but we got upgraded with no apparent reason to spa villa. 
1 of the perks of staying in the spa villa is the spa villa residents only pool. 

On our first night, we had dinner at Uncle Lim's Kitchen. It's a nyonya and Hockchew Chinese style restaurant. Our first entree was Chicken "Lor bak" . A delicately spiced deep fried chicken roll, wrapped in bean curd skin. 
Our second entree, Hockchew salted egg chicken - boneless chicken thigh, topped with salted egg and deep fried until golden. I'm not very familiar with Hockchew style dishes, but anything deep fried with salted egg probably wouldn't go wrong. 
1 of our main was Hock chew mixed vegetable - mung-bean thread, sliver of cuttlefish, prawns chicken and mushroom, tossed with mixed vegatable stir fried with garlic.
Another of our main - chicken with sesame & peanut sauce - juicy chicken chunks cooked in a hot wok with a flavoursome combination of sesame seed and peanut sauce. When I read the menu, I was expecting something with crunchy peanuts and strong fragrant of sesame oil. It didn't come out as expected. Love the crunchy cashews that they put in, but there wasn't enough taste of sesame or peanuts. 
Here's the uncle lim's aromatic steamed fish - fresh fish fillet steamed with lemongrass and wrapped in banana leaves. It was indeed very strong smell of lemongrass. Not sure what fish it was, but it was fresh and smooth. Very different to the usual chinese style steam fish. 
Dessert was pretty ordinary. It was just  honeydew sago that wasn't cold enough for me. Weather was very hot over there.  

Next morning we had buffet breakfast. Lots of different things to eat. From salad to fried rice, from 'loh mai kai' (chicken on glutinous rice) to waffle, all for us to choose. I was particularly intrigued by the juice station. 
This was where everyone pick their own fruits, bring to the back where the staffs were waiting with a juicer and create their own mix of fruit juice. There were quite a number of fruits to choose from. 
Part of my breakfast, crepe with banana and also some cheese with crackers at the back. There was a cheese station as well with about 8-10 varieties of cheese to pick. I just said to the lady "I want little bit of everything" and she gave me a plate full of cheese. At the side of the cheese station was variety of crackers. I just went for the plain water crackers. A local star appearance while we were having breakfast - BJ the monkey. 

We went for jungle trekking after our breakfast. 1 thing that the island will never run out is probably the anchovies for their sambal. There were MILLIONS of them. 
Right at the end of jungle trekking, we were greeted by another local pet. 

It was a massive monitor lizard. This 1 here is I think more than 1.5m long. 
Anyway, it was time for lunch at Chapman's Bar after jungle trekking (yes, eat again haha..) 
Much needed cold drinks after our jungle trekking in the rain forest. I ordered a gingle ale and Robin had his watermelon juice. We had our 3 course lunch that was included in our package there. 
Entree - satay with rojak. Size of the satay was bigger than the usual satay we could get at any hawker. Bit weird to have satay served with rojak though. Not the usual way that I was used to. 
Robin had his healthier looking salad for entree - Emerald's nicoise - seared tuna on a bed of french beans, hard boiled egg, tomatoes, olives, potatoes and lettuce, tossed in a light dressing. 
This was the view at our table looking out at Emerald Bay's beach. 
This was my Mama's chicken chop - boneless chicken fillet, deep fried golden and crispy, with french fries, baby carrots, green peas and gravy. Chicken was very crispy outside and still moist inside. A classic chicken chop. By the way, I think there isn't such thing as chicken chop in Sydney. A few Aussies that I mentioned "chicken chop" to gave me a blank look. I had to explain it's like a pork chop except it's chicken. Usually it's de-boned chicken drumstick or chicken thigh fillet. 
Robin ordered the Mee Udang Galah - fresh water prawn, yellow noodles, bean sprouts, seasonal greens, garlic and poach egg. It's 1 funny looking prawn :p The head was really big compared to the body. Cooked using these prawns, the soup was really sweet. 
Desserts were disappointing though. On the menu it said Cool Bananas. It was disappointingly warm. Banana wasn't cool at all, they were just at room temperature (not to mention they were bruised too). I didn't try Robin's Apple Dumpling, but Robin said it wasn't good either. 
We were too full after lunch, so we just went and lie down at the beach on the beach chairs. Even the crabs on the beach were bigger than expected. Usually the crabs that I saw on other beaches were tiny, like as big as a finger nail. These crabs at Emerald Bay were like palm size! 

O.k.. I think Honeymoon Part 3 is getting very long. I thought I could cover my 4D3N in 1 post, but looks like it's going to be too long if I do that. I might just continue writing about my stay in another post. 


  1. That chicken chop looks enormous! I don't think we have it much here. Looks like lots of delicious food!

  2. Thanks Lorraine! Yeah.. I feel like going back there for another holiday already .. :)

  3. Oh my god, I havent been to Pulau Pangkor since high school!!! Looks like is more well developed these days and look amazing!
    Wondering I can fit it in in my Malaysia trip in May :P

  4. hey Billy,
    this is actually not Pulau Pangkor itself. It's a small resort island next to the main Pangkor island :) definitely worth going if u're going to M'sia.. if u're holding M'sia or SG passport u can get the package deal.. let me know if u want to know more about it .. :)

  5. Sadly i no longer holding M'sia passport. Well I do, but i think they will confiscate it once they found out i am australian now. Do they have a website? keen to check it out. Almost like the one I stayed in Langkawi.

  6. ahh. I see.. in that case probably can't get the package.. coz if u're M'sian u pay in RM, otherwise it'll be the same amount in USD..
    anyway, here's the website
    check it out n maybe contact them n see if there's any other deals or something..

  7. All of the food you've shown looks amazing Yee. The steamed fish in lemongrass is something I'd try at home. Delicious!

  8. Hi John, let me know how it goes with the steam fish! :) Maybe you can share your recipe with us too!