Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Criniti's @ Parramatta

This has to be the busiest restaurant among all others on Church Street at Parramatta. When mum and friends came over for a visit, bro decided to book a table and ordered the biggest pizza I had seen. They ordered some garlic bread to start with (I was late and by the time I got there, all I saw was empty plates which had garlic bread on them :p) Luckily that was the only thing I missed. 
We had the chicken caesar salad ($24.90) to share for the table. Nicely grilled chicken, creamy sauce, big pieces of grated cheese and crispy fresh lettuce. Nothing to complain about for a chicken caesar salad. 
Just in case there wasn't enough, brother also ordered some pasta. I'm guessing my sister picked this fettucine boscaiola ($28.90) because this is her favourite pasta sauce. 
Now, here's the reason bro wanted to bring us there. The 1 meter long pizza! The 3 toppings that we had for our pizza al metro (price varies depending on toppings) were Godfather, Australiana and funghi (front to back)

Now I know why this restaurant is always busy. Even late at night when others are almost empty there's probably still some queue outside waiting for table here. It's not exactly cheap eat, but when we averaged it out among the 8 or 9 of us, it was actually not too bad. 

Criniti's Southern Italian Cuisine
291 Church Street,
Parramatta NSW
Tel: 1300 274 648


  1. the 1 metre pizza is great isn't it. actually when i tried it at darling harbour there was about 8 of us and we were pretty much full after it but we'd also all order mains including bbq ribs for myself. way too much. next time i'd just get the pizza and maybe some salad. then we could have fit in some dessert. :-)

  2. Yeah, it was great! Same, we probably shouldn't have ordered the pasta. Only managed to finish like 2/3 of the pizza because of it and didn't have any room for dessert. Oh well, next time.. :)

  3. Oooh 1 metre long pizza! I always see ads for Crinit's on tv but they never mention that (which they should, how fab!)

  4. yeah.. they really should.. it'll probably attract lots of ppl there simply to try this massive pizza :)

  5. That pizza looks amazing. You definitely need a bottomless stomach to finish that off :D

  6. haha.. yeah .. I think so too! Or a few very very hungry friends :)

  7. wow 1 m look pizza!! You would have to make sure to bring some other hungry diners to finish that one off!

  8. The 1 metre pizza is a bit of a novelty,but you didnt say how much it was!!
    Yeah Criniti's is by far the most business place to eat in Parramatta,i was told "The Sicilian" use to be the place to eat but no longer.
    Yes its expensive but the pasta portions are big and really nice.
    Im not suprised they opened a store in Darling Harbour,good luck to them


  9. Yeah, I didn't know how much it was coz my bro paid for it. I tried to work out how much it was from the menu online, but couldn't figure it out :( Sorry..