Sunday, April 18, 2010

Honeymoon Part 4

I know it's been a while since I came back from honeymoon. As you can see, I still haven't quite caught up with my bunch of backlog yet haha.. Oh well, I'll just have to try harder to write more :p Anyway, I'll show a few more photos of my stay at Pangkor Laut Resort. 
1 afternoon while we were walking back to our room, we saw a family of 'locals' on our way. They were waiting for someone to forget closing their door so that they could go to the mini bar and enjoy some drinks and nuts. That's why it was very important to lock the door behind when we were going in or out the room. 
Here's the other local that we met around the island. Our friend here seemed to enjoy watching our tennis game, sitting near the court not afraid of those flying tennis balls at all. 
Another family of locals - garfish. They were right outside of our balcony. Probably around 6 or 7 of them every night just gathering outside of our room. I think that's their sleeping place or something :p 
Alright, enough of our new friends. Here's our dinner. Bread and butter to start off with. 
Robin ordered the mixed tempura for entree and I got the otak-otak (grilled fish paste wrapped in banana leaves).  
I find this to be quite different to the 'normal' otak-otak that I was used to. My dad used to get otak-otak from Muar in Malaysia. Muar's otak-otak was shorter but flatter, this otak-otak served here were longer but thicker. Taste quite different too. I still prefer the Muar type otak-otak than this. Seemed like the fish paste they used here had different kind of mixture in them. 
Thinking I would have something 'local', so I ordered the nasi kandar It came with variety of curries and vegetables. I was quite happy when I saw the papadums but I was disappointed when I started breaking them. They had gone slightly soggy and not as cripy as they should. The curries were nice, not too spicy which suited me. 
Robin ordered something more 'western' - ginger and coriander crusted grouper. It was served with mashed purple yam, zuchini and red bell pepper coulis. The mashed purple yam was quite an interesting substitute to the more common mashed potato. 
We had scoops of ice-cream for dessert, which weren't anything great plus the lighting wasn't ideal, so I had skipped the photos. 
We took a walk to the jetty after dinner. See the faint lights in the distance? Those were the lights from the main Pangkor island. 
The pool and the beach early in the morning on our last day at PLR. As I have shown the breakfast buffet in earlier post, so we'll skip right to lunch on that day.
We had to leave the island at 2, so we decided to have an early lunch which wasn't too long after our buffet breakfast, so we just ordered some entrees to share and desserts. Here's our prawn salad. 
Second entree, vegetable spring roll. 
Both of us had the same dessert - tofu pannacotta. Very very nice dessert. The pannacotta itseld was similar to the 1 I had at musashi, but the presentation was much better here and the condiments were different. Special mention to the gooseberry here.

This was the first time I tried a gooseberry. Kinda look like a cherry, but I can't really remember how the taste was already :p 
More anchovies at the jetty on our way back. 
Some bigger 1s too! Seriously, if anyone planning to visit, highly recommend to bring a net. Then you'll have unlimited supply of ikan bilis for sambal or nasi lemak.

Last photo from this beautiful island, my failed attempt of panorama of Emerald Beach. I guess I'll have to go back there again so that I can try again. Agree? :D 


  1. wow...din know pangkor is so nice...can plan my honeymoon too :p

  2. I don't know what to look at first-the beautiful scenery pics (love the infinity pool pic) or the food pics! :)

  3. hey jo, yup yup, it is highly recommended for honeymoon :) the whole place is so beautiful and relaxing.

    Thanks Lorraine :) Pity the panorama didn't turn out well.. Oh well, I'll have to practise and go back there again :D

    Thanks Suze! Wish I can go on honeymoon again after I finish my backlog of these honeymoon posts.. :)