Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Breakfast @ Bills

I had been wanting to visit Bills for the famous scrambled eggs ever since MC gave me the recipe of Bill Granger's scrambled eggs years ago. I've made them a few times, but never got try the 'real deal'. Opportunity for visitng Bills came about when my best friend came from Malaysia for a visit. Her flight arrived early morning, so I thought breakfast at Bills would be the perfect way to begin her day in Sydney.
For drinks, she ordered a Sunrise drink of orange juice, banana, yoghurt and berries ($5) and I ordered the Rosehip and mint punch ($5). I had no idea what rosehip was back then (later found out that it's fruit of a rose plant), just thought anything + mint punch shouldn't be too bad. 
True enough it's a very refreshing drink. Didn't have any rose taste though. I was thinking if it's got something to do with rose, maybe it would have the rose flavour (like rose cordial), but nope, didn't taste any of that. It was more like a lime + mint mix but red in colour. 
I knew what I was going to order even before we stepped into the restaurant. Here's our Scrambled organic eggs with sourdough toast with extra mushrooms ($13.50 + $4). As expected, eggs were soft and fluffy and creamy. I really wouldn't mind this everyday for breakfast. We were also very very impressed with the juicy garlicky sautéed mushrooms.
Here's our thick round Ricotta hotcakes with fresh banana and honeycomb butter ($17.50). Writing about it now gives me the craving for it. Fluffy hotcake with melting butter on top, thick body hiding pieces of ricotta within, dripping with maple syrup and accompanied by sweet ripe bananas. 

We were so full after our breakfast, so we went for a walk at The Rocks market. Guess what we found there? Guylian Cafe! We got a bit tired after walking for about an hour, so we went in and had a drink each. 

CH ordered the Guylian hot milk chocolate ($8). A jug of hot chocolate came with a cup where there's a piece of chocolate lying inside.
I ordered the dark chocolate shake ($10.25). I was sort of disappointed with this. I was looking forward to a bitter sweet icy cold chocolate drink, but this was overly sweet for my liking. It's more like a milk chocolate shake than a dark chocolate shake. For this price I think there are plenty other nicer dark chocolate drinks around.

All in all, I think I fed my overseas guest fairly well (if not overfed) on that morning :) 

Bills @ Surry Hills
359 Crown Street, 
Surry Hills 2010 NSW
Tel: 93604762

Guylian Cafe
91 George Street
The Rocks
Sydney 2000 NSW
Tel: 82747500


  1. Now that you've had the real deal, does that mean I'll get even more awesome scrambled eggs in the morning?

  2. haha.. I think it'll be easier to just go to Bills 1 morning to have them :p instead of ruining like 30 eggs before I get it right kekeke..

  3. ooo yum. If only someone would make those scrambled eggs for me every morning :)

  4. I wish for the same thing too!!haha.. :)

  5. I haven't been to Bill's for such a long time. Love his corn fritters

  6. I love really good scrambled eggs. They are so simple and extravagant at the same time. I have never been to Bills and it is a little too far out of my way for breakfast.

  7. yee wei...i wan go sydney again ~~ TO EAT !! :D

  8. Hi John, I haven't tried the corn fritters before. Will definitely try that when I visit Bills next :)

    Hi Mark, yeah, it's a bit too far out for me. If it's not because I had to go to the airport early morning, I wouldn't think of going all the way there for breakfast. So who knows, maybe 1 day you happen to be in the city in the morning, you can go to Bills for a nice scrambled eggs breakfast :)

    Hey Jo, make sure you let me know if you come to Sydney again!! Pity we didn't get to meet up last time..

  9. I always think it's best to overfeed guests than underfeed them! :P And I'm sure they were happy!

  10. I agree!! Yeah, they were happy and I was happy .. until the moment we went on the scale.. hahah..