Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bar of Plenty

I had a parcel sent to my old address the other day. So I had to go all the way to the post office at North Parramatta even though I'm now living in the Shire. Wasn't too happy about that because I had to cut my lunch short and rush to post office and back to office (and I wasn't even expecting a parcel at all, no internet purchase and nobody told me anything about sending me a present :p) 

Guess what I got in the mail?? Ta-da!! 2 bars of chocolate!! haha :D Straight away I was in a happy mood again :) Needed that afternoon sugar hit in the office. 
Close up of that Roast Hazelnut & Honey Roast Cashews. Between the 2, I like this better simply because I prefer chocolate with nuts than chocolate with fruits. As the name stated, there's definitely plenty of nuts in the bar. 

Here's the Berry Fruit & Vanilla Short Cake. The reason I don't like fruits in my chocolate is that sometimes the chewy fruit bits can get stuck in my teeth. But over here, I really like the crunchy vanilla short cake. 

Overall, I quite like them. It's just that I'm more a dark chocolate than a milk chocolate person. After a couple pieces it just becomes too sweet. Maybe just 1 square at a time, oh by the way, the squares are bigger than the normal Cadbury blocks :)

I have to put good lighting because I took these photos at home in the afternoon haha.. However, first time doing product shots at home, not very good with getting rid of the shadows and evening the light out and stuff. 


  1. Hi YW!

    Glad to hear you liked Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar of Plenty! :)

    You and your readers are always welcome on our Facebook page if you want to chat chocolate. ;)


    Cadbury Dairy Milk Australia

  2. hehee.. yeah .. the other day I think I saw them in coles too