Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Restaurant

"Let's go to The Restaurant for lunch" "which restaurant?" "The restaurant" "huh?? WHICH retaurant??" "THE restaurant" :p I'm just imagining how much fun it'll be if I ask someone to have a meal with me there. I was there for my friend's bridal shower tea party. Of course, the event organiser had better communication skills than me. Instead of saying "Venue: The Restaurant" on the invite, she wrote Art Gallery - which probably saved herself from receiving a lot of emails asking "what's the name of the restaurant?". 
12 years I have been living in Sydney. First time stepping into the Art Gallery. Straight away I feel like I'm so 'classy' and 'sophisticated' already haha.. People armed with cameras to take photos of the arts and statues and stuff, I had my camera with me only thinking of the sandwiches and scones that they were going to serve in high tea.  So, now let's look at what my camera ended up with. 
High tea with a glass of bubbles - $35 (without the bubbles $26). Don't they just look so elegant being served in the shiny stand in tiers? 

Let's start from the top tier - Tea sandwiches -  Chargrilled zucchini, oregano, cream cheese, rocket, pine nut. Roast chicken, mayonnaise, radicchio, currants. The round 1s were the chargrilled zucchini and the triangle were the roast chicken. They were just so delicately cut and rolled up with a toothpick holding them in shape. 

Second tier - Savoury treats - duck liver parfait on crouton. Potato soup, smoked river trout, dill. I love those duck liver parfait. So creamy so yum. With the sweet jelly on top, no idea what jelly that was, but it's just so good with the duck liver on the crispy croutons.  As for the potato soup, it's very very thick and creamy. Never thought smoked trout could go so well in potato soup. I thought it would have the fishy taste, but none at all. Just added extra smokey flavour to the creamy potato soup. 

The bottom tier - Sweet treats - Scone, Jame & cream, blueberry & lemon sable, chocolate & hazelnut marquise. 1 thing that I forgot to show, the jam & cream. That was actually the BEST PART of this tier!! The cream was so good! It was white with tiny black dots, must've been vanilla beans and the jam was so nice as well. Lucky for me someone didn't want their scone, so I had 1.5 scones :D I was so tempted to get a container and take those leftover jam and cream home :p 

As a special treat, we got some homemade macarons made by the bride's cousin!! Strawberry flavoured with can't remember what cream inside :p What I did remember was that the flakes on top weren't chocolate. Those were actually dried strawberries. Here's a close up photo of the macaron.

It was a very nice place for a bridal shower tea party. Well done to the event organiser who picked this place for the party. We had a few games, had some bubbles, some nice food, nice view, excellent weather, it was just a beautiful day :) 

Art Gallery Road,
The Domain, Sydney
Tel: (02) 9225 1819

The whole restaurant is surrounded by big big panel of glass looking out from the hill. When the weather is beautiful outside, there's just plenty of natural sunlight in the whole restaurant. 


  1. Definitely have to try this place for high tea. (I'm only familiar with the Tea Room @ the top of QVB)

  2. yeah, it's not bad :) This was actually my first time having high tea, will try the Tea Room @ QVB next :)

  3. wow everything was so prettily presented! the desserts looks to die for!

  4. looks good, especially the duck liver parfait!

  5. hey chocolatesuze, yes, everything was so elegant and pretty there!

    hi Thang, the duck liver parfait was indeed really nice. I wish there was more than just 1 piece per person though haha.. I could've eaten like 50 them :p