Thursday, December 17, 2009


I lost 3 hours of my life to this picture here. My first attempt of creating an animated gif file. This is also the first photo on the blog that's not food, it's here simply because I'm obsessed with fireworks :D Anyway, this fireworks is loosely related to the food in this post, i.e. I was at Amoroma at The Rocks having company Christmas that night and saw these fireworks outside. 
Have to clarify first : I did NOT make the rookie mistake of eating the food before taking photos :p All the entrees were shared by the table. Everyone was so hungry that they started digging in before I could even take the lens cap off. So here goes.. 
We got the whole top level of the restaurant to ourselves. Even had our own bar up there and a balcony for smokers (and non-smokers too) to hang out. Very cool function room :) We got there early, so we started with the drinks, some garlic bread and pizza were there as starter. 

After about an hour or so, we were seated at the tables. Pasta was served to start with. Here's the pesto penne. All the pasta here were sooooooo good! This pesto is not so rich, each table was given parmesan, so we just put as little or as much according to our own preference. The best part of this pasta are the toasted pine nuts. LOTS of them :) 

Here's the 2nd pasta to share. Another penne, but tomato base this time. Not sure what it's called though. There wasn't any menu on the table. It looks very plain, but it WASN'T! The only reason I prefer the pesto over this is the olives. Not a big fan of olives. When I first saw the pasta I thought as long as I don't scoop any olives up then it should be fine. No, didn't work. They probably used olives to make the sauce too because I could still taste olive eating just the pasta. So for those who like olives, this will be a great pasta!!! It's just personal preference that I like the pesto more. 

O.k. Here's the the very obvious 1 that someone took a big chunk out before I could take photo of it.. not very pretty :p So I'm just gonna make it small. Anyway, just want to say this lasagne is very 'tidy' :) It's clearly layered,very unlike most of the lasagna I've eaten (frozen 1s from supermarket usually). Those 1s I could never take a piece out and it can still 'stand' on its own without slumping into a lump. 

Main#1 which I regret not exchanging it with my neighbour. The other main was veal, she wanted to have the veal, but I wanted to have the veal too. The veal looked more interesting on the other tables. So she just had her fish and I got the veal. Apparently fish was really good!! Crispy skin, cooked perfectly, on some creamy mashed potato. 

Main#2, veal. Looked really good. It's got a surprise there though. The meat itself was done alright. Maybe little bit too dry for my liking, but otherwise it was good. Potato was good, now you see the sauce on the plate? That is NOT the usual gravy. It's actually sweet! Like a caramel sauce or something, which I think would probably work better with ice-cream instead of veal. Don't know, it's just a funny combination. Imagine having chocolate topping with bbq chicken, it just didn't quite work for me. So I was little bit disappointed with it. 
Dessert was some gelato. By the time dessert was served, everyone already left the table and mingle around the bar with more drinks. Due to  poor lighting condition and also the gelato didn't really look too 'special', the photos didn't turn out good. 

Amoroma Ristorante Pizzeria
135 George St
The Rocks NSW 2000
(02) 9247 1920

Update: Found out what these dishes are - some have been removed from latest menu though. 1. Penne Pesto Chicken 2. Penne Arrabiatta (removed from menu) 3. Lasagne 4. Barramundi 5. Veal Saltimboca (removed from menu) 


  1. were the fireworks for your company too?

  2. nah... not for us.. we just happened to be there..

  3. Ahh yes it's hard to battle a group of hungry people who just want to eat! :) The gif file is really cute!

  4. Thanks Lorraine! :) Yeah, plus I was surrounded by managers :p I can't be telling them 'hey you can't eat it yet, I need to take photo.' haha..