Friday, December 11, 2009


Here's another place that we discovered through Entertainment Book. It's really is a good buy if you eat out a lot like me (yes yes, I know. I used to deny it, but now that I'm actually keep track of food I eat in this blog, I realise I actually eat out a lot more than I thought.) 

Jazushi is a nice little cozy restaurant with live jazz performance EVERYDAY! They have a board on the wall with list of the performers' names on it and the time of performance. The place is not big, but they do have bigger rooms for functions if needed. We got there quite early that day, we started eating before the young-ish cute pianist came in and played on the piano :) 

Here's our entree. Green tea noodle salad $13 - Mixed lettuce and Japanese green tea noodle with soy and onion dressing. The menu had no picture, so I had imagined it to be something small and light. This mountain of green tea noodle came out instead. It was very nice, just as well we were hungry at that time. 

Here's my favourite sushi - Seared Sushi Set $21. It's chef's selection of seasonal assorted seared sushi. On our plate we had 7 pieces of sushi:(from left to right) scallop, salmon, some white fish, scampi, tuna, oyster, another salmon. As mentioned when I posted about Musashi, my faourite is seared salmon of course :) Next best sushi is the seared scallop. The toasty smell and the thick sweet scallop, we should've got each person a plate of this so that we didn't have to share :p Kinda disappointed with the seared oyster though. Still much prefer fresh oysters :) 

JFC $21 - Jazushi Fried Chicken with Yuzu citrus sauce on bed of homemade tartar. Basically it's a tower made with fried chicken pieces holding together by the tartar sauce :) It was GOOD! It's more than finger lickin' good :D  However, as there was only 2 of us and after clearing the mountain of noodle, we had to take it slow with this JFC. The crispy batter of the chicken got soggy towards the end because of the tartar sauce. Still taste very very good though.
Kakuni Kurobuta Pork Belly $23 - Japanese Kurobuta pork braised and marinated overnight in soy dashi sauceI think those red threads are saffron. Still not too sure how does saffron taste like on its own, but it definitely goes well with the tender pork belly. The sauce was very nice, it's like a sweet soy sauce. The only problem with this dish is that the pieces are too big. I would prefer to have more pieces but bite size :) 
Lastly, we had a dessert platter $25 to share. We had the green tea ice-cream, vanilla creme brulee and cheesecake. No surprises there, just yummy desserts for 2 very full people :) I would try the chocolate creme brulee next time though, since vanilla creme brulee is more 'common'. 

145 Devonshire Street cnr Clisdell Street Surry Hills, 2010

Phone: 02-9699-8977, (direct reservation) 0417406928

Tuesday to Sunday from 6pm till late


  1. Wuu... I know surry hills have lots of cafes and quirky restaurants, but I don't go there often, despite it being so close to central... Jazushi looks great, and I'm a sucker for pork belly ^^; might try it someday, thanks for the review!

  2. Nice review! I've always wondered about what this place was like and now I know! :D And lol at JFC!