Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ryo's Noodles

Last day of 2009, last post of 2009. Should've kept the Assiette post for a big close of 2009 :) Oh well, doesn't matter. Some ramen to wrap 2009 is fine too, right? 

Here's the cold dipping noodle with roast pork, vege and egg. Didn't get to try this, but looks interesting enough. Might get this the next time when I visit Ryo's. 

Spicy hot flavour with roast pork, eggs, shallot - $11.50. Looks extremely hot, but it really isn't that hot :) Just looks scary with the chilli oil floating on top. Taste good, soup is not as thick as Gumshara, but the spiciness certainly adds some points to it. 

Wasn't quite in the mood for hot soupy stuff, so I ordered a Japanese style beef curry with pork cutlet - $14.50. Pork was a bit dry, plenty of curry gravy to soak the rice the way I like and the nicely pickled ginger to go with it. Simple and tasty :) 

After the egg incident that happened at Gumshara, Robin ordered 2 eggs this time. 1 for me, 1 for him at $2.50 each. The yolk is not as runny as I would prefer, but still not totally cooked yet. However, what happened was that his spicy noodle came with an egg too!! haha.. so this time we ended with too many eggs :p 

So, 2009, what have I done? First half of the year was just gone without knowing/doing anything constructive, did a bit more in second half of the year.  Decided to have a wedding (which is already big enough on its own), decided to move to the Shire and become a hobbit, and of course started a food blog, went to fancy restaurants with multiple chef's hat and my first degustation meal! All in the second half of 2009. Which is also why the 2nd half of 2009 just flew past too. Anyway, Happy New Year to everyone! Hope there will be more food, more posts and a good year ahead :) 


  1. Lovely food. Wishing you a very happy new year :)

  2. You got married this year? Wow, congrats!! =D Happy new year! Looking forward to more food adventures from you in 2010~

  3. Thanks Ellie! Happy new year to you too!! :)

    Hey Midnight, no, not married yet haha.. just busy preparing for the wedding which is gonna be in a few weeks time.. can't wait till the long long break :)

  4. Hey ramen is great for a new year post! The Japanese eat noodles on NYE because they're long so they signify a long life so it couldn't be more perfect in fact. Happy New Year! :D

  5. ahh.. cool! Learn something new again :) Thanks Lorraine! I guess it's similar meaning with Chinese eating noodle on birthdays..

  6. I heard one of my teammates mentioned that day she mentioned to cook the egg like the the one in your pic, and she took 6 hours to prepare if I din hear wrongly.

  7. 6 hours ??? I think that probably include all the sauce and stuff ??? No idea...if you can find out the recipe let me know.. hehee..