Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sushi Tengoku

Dinner appointment at Kensington was at 630pm, I was already in the city at 430pm with nothing to do. So I was wandering around thinking how to kill the 2 hours. Then I remember this store that I stumbled upon in World Square. Yogen Fruz. Basically it's a yoghurt bar. Pick your own fruit, pick your yoghurt (normal, low fat, no sugar no fat) it's just like Fruit Flo from New Zealand Ice Cream but fancier.  
I picked 1 of the more popular flavour - green tea + lychee (regular size for $5.50). Tried the strawberry + lychee the last time, I think that was better. All sorts of fruits are available to mix - mango, lychee, strawberry, blueberry, etc etc. If any of you have tried any good combo, let me know. I'm too scared to make 1 and then end up with 1 that I don't like :p 
Anyway, still too early for dinner, so I just drove to Kensington, parked my car right in front the restaurant and sit inside my car and read. Lucky for me, everyone was quite punctual :) 

Food was ordered when they made reservation. So I didn't really get to see the menu, hence no price :p Should've taken a piece of the order form though. Started with mixed sashimi. All the pieces are seriously THICK and HUGE. I don't think I've been to any other Japanese restaurant that cut their sashimi so big. 

Believe it or not, here's a plate of sushi. NOT sashimi. I know, the fish on top is so big that you can hardly see the rice. Example to follow. 
Here's 1 of my favourite sushi that can never go wrong - Tamago Nigiri Sushi (side note: I did 1 of those psychology test ages ago - about 10 yrs or so - where I pick my favourite sushi out of a few choices, I picked this. Result says I'm flirtatious and I have been crowned "flirtatious" ever since. *sigh* - Things that get stuck in people mind. It still gets brought up from time to time in conversation.) Anyway, back to our sushi. 

See this thick fluffy sweet egg? You would think that it's just a piece of egg wouldn't you? Turn it around, you'll see this. Look at the proportion of egg to rice. The egg is like twice the size of the blob of rice.

Here's another piece from the sushi plate. Fresh scallop sushi. 

I think there was 2 or 3 scallops on this sushi. Sweet fresh thick scallops :D 

The sushi plate and sashmi plate weren't quite enough for us, so we added a tonkatsu to the table. Again, very generous serving of deep fried pork chop with the  demiglaze sauce. Crumb was very crispy, but have to be careful when you use chopstick on them. You don't want to leave the yummy crumb behind :) It should be dipped in the sauce together with the juicy tender meat inside . 

This is probably the place with best value for money in terms of sushi and sashimi. However, there is no service at all. You get your own cups, refill your own tea, if you want to order anything extra (which you have missed when you call to make reservation), you'll fill in the form on the table and pass it to whoever walking past with a dish coming out from the kitchen. I've been there many times already, 1 thing that I don't recommend having is the ice-cream in the freezer. They are icy, not smooth at all. You can tell that they have melted and refroze probably multiple times and they weren't covered up in the freezer, so they would absorb all the fridge smell :p Other than that, you're safe to order everything on the menu, everything tastes great :D

121 Anzac Parade
Kensington NSW 2033
Phone (02) 9663 3388
Note: Reservation recommended.


  1. I've been dying to go here for ages as I live nearby. Good to know that it is open again (it was closed for quite a while). The sushi does look huge! How funny about the eccentric service :P

  2. yup yup .. it's open again :) I thought they were close for renovation, but the dining area certainly didn't feel any different from before.. maybe they did something to the kitchen.. hmmm.... not sure..

  3. the yogurt looks like wasabi ice-cream:D

  4. haha.. I'm not sure if I've tried wasabi ice-cream before.. have a feeling I have, but I can't remember where or when...

  5. Wasabi ice cream? That should be from PassionFlower, I'm fairly certain they have it there =P very mild wasabi flavor though, none of the up-your-nose sensation ^^''

  6. ahhhh.. yes.. I think that's it.. passion flower.. I think that's where I tried the wasabi ice-cream. Didn't end up getting it though. I like the lychee and black sesame ice-cream there :)

  7. I want to try the ice cream
    the sashimi looks real good

    bringing me there?

  8. which ice-cream u want to try ? the yoghurt ice-cream here or the ice-cream that I said NOT RECOMMENDED at sushi tengoku ? hahah..
    can bring you there.. let me plan plan ...