Saturday, December 19, 2009

In the Mood for Thai - Parramatta

I like the name of the restaurant :) Felt like a Thai dinner, didn't want to travel far, so we ended up here. 
I got told off for not having prices of the dishes on my blog, and it will happen again here. Honestly no idea what happened there, whether I simply forgot to take a photo of the menu or I was thinking I could get the prices from the net. Guess what happen here, there's online menu for all brances of In the Mood for Thai EXCEPT Parramatta (don't you just love Murphy). I looked at all those menus, for the same thing it can be $4.90 at 1 place and $7.90 at the other. So I decided to not include prices here again (Sorry MC :p)  

They have a pretty 'flexible' menu. For noodles, you pick the type of noodle you want, then pick the style and the meat. Same for their stir fried. Pick the meat, then the sauce. 

Here's our chicken pad thai. Things that they put at the side of the plate: wedge of lemon, bean sprout, chilli flakes and sugar! Not sure why they do that though. Maybe some people like their pad thai very sweet ?? Anyway, I didn't mix the sugar in, but I did mix the chilli flakes (all of them). As a result, this plate of pad thai was a bit too spicy for some of us at the table (ops!). 

This plate of noodle just doesn't look too good. It's green noodle with chicken in satay sauce. It looks green and slimey. Surprisingly it tastes better than the pad thai!! I actually prefer this to the pad thai :p Despite of the look. 

Green curry chicken. Not too exciting, no complain. Just good old green curry :) As usual, the gravy is just great to have with plain white rice. 

BBQ tender marinated beef strips and roast duck fillet salad. A few of us at the table can't take spicy stuff, so we ordered these 2 non-spicy dishes to share as well. BBQ beef was pretty good. Nicely marinated, little bit burnt which adds to the taste, very tender strips.  Roast duck gone too quickly. I had just 1 piece of duck and then it was gone :p  Love those cashews though :) 

Here's my favourite of the meal - tofu salad. The skin of the tofu was very crispy. Dressing was sweet and sour, its tasty and doesn't feel heavy. Good to have this in the midst of all the meat and curry and noodles that were very rich in flavours. 

Seafood tom yum. This version is actually from their special menu. A menu that looks classier than the normal cardboard type menu. It's got those leather cover with glossy paper and big pictures. It's more a gourmet dish than a takeaway dish I suppose. It's got LOTS of seafood in there like prawns, mussels, fish, octopus, etc.  

Like the name of the restaurant, I guess it's sufficient to get a Thai fix when you're in the mood for Thai. Price is a bit higher than the usual Thai though. 1 thing that I find a bit unusual is 1 of the chairs :) They have a hanging chair in the restaurant as a seat for 1 of the tables! It's hanging off the ceiling. Not sure how steady and how comfy it is to sit in there and eat at the table, but it certainly looks like fun.  

Also, I remember now. I actually took a copy of the menu, that's why I didn't take photo of the menu. However, with the few days delay with processing photos and writing the blog up, the menu has disappeared :p I think I should be more organised and get a folder to start collecting menus. 

Shop 3, 7/52 George Street 
Tel: 96333790

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