Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Musashi is 1 of the Japanese restaurant that I don't mind going over and over again. If I have to put all Sydney restaurant in 3 categories ( 1. cheap not so nice 2. not so cheap but nicer 3. very nice and very expensive) musashi will be in category 2. It's not as expensive as those like Sakana Ya or Rengaya and the food taste quite good too. 

Here's the sashimi main. 3 out of the 5 of us actually didn't touch it much. So CL and I pretty much cleared this plate between the 2 of us. 

BBQ Beef Tongue - I like texture of beef tongue. If overcooked they can get very chewy, but if cooked right, they are firm to bite which is a bit different to other parts of beef. 

My favourite dish from Musashi. My favourite type of sushi even - Salmon Aburi. Flame seared salmon gives the toasty smell that normal sushi don't. It's amazing how different they taste simply by searing the salmon slightly. 

BBQ Calamari -  I thought each plate comes with 1 (photo on the menu shows 1 squid), but our plate had 2. Not sure it's because they are smaller or the restaurant is feeling generous :)

Photo wise, this is my favourite of the day - Scampi Sushi. I don't think anything can go wrong with scampi sushi as long as the scampi is fresh, which this is :) 

Good thing about going out with a crowd is that you can order a lot more things to share. Even a whole fish like this - Grilled Rainbow Trout

Lastly, dessert time! The whole table ordered just 2 types of dessert - 4x Green Tea crème brûlée and myself with Tofu Pannacotta with Mango Sauce. I've tried the green tea brulee before, so I've decided to try something different. The tofu pannacotta is quite nice, I can't seem to figure out the difference between that and a normal tofu though. As in both are jelly-like wobbly thing. Maybe I think this is slightly firmer than the usual tofu. So it's like eating a soy bean flavoured jelly with mango sauce :) 

447 Pitt Street(Cnr. Pitt & Campbell Street) Sydney
(02) 9280-0377
Note: Bookings are only available for following hours. 
LUNCH: before 12:15
DINNER: before 18:00


  1. I think you got an extra large serving because you were carrying a DSLR ;)

  2. I really should make it here soon, your photos make it all look so appetising! :)

  3. mc : hahaha.. don't think DSLR is that impressive anymore.. everyone seems to have 1 nowadays :þ

    Lorraine : thanks! yes, give it a try :) Let me know what you think.

  4. so that's scampi (haha it's still 'prawn' to me)