Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bentley Restaurant & Bar

A friend came from Hong Kong so we met up last Saturday. She picked this restaurant out of some travel guide she got from Hong Kong. I have just found out today that this restaurant was awarded 2 Chef's Hat in the SMH Good Food Guide! This is exactly why I have this ambition of not repeating any restaurants this coming year. There is just too many good restaurants that I don't know about in Sydney !!

As soon as we sat down, the waiter bring us the bread and olive oil :) The staff there is very attentive.

Look at my drink! It's smoking COLD!! :D I picked my drink based on the interesting name - Frozen Popcorn Hemingway. When the waiter served it, he warned 'be careful.. it's cold..'. Yeah I know .. I can see the smoke :p This is not technically a 'drink' because you probably can't drink it without your lips sticking to the glass. Hence it was served with a spoon :D You eat it - along with the liquid nitrogen among other Hemingway daiquiri ingredients that was used. 

Now, entrée. White Anchovy Stick with Pistachio Praline. I did go to the Bentley's website to have a look. Went to their gallery and saw this lollipop looking thing. Never a big fan of anchovy, but the picture did make an impression. So I decided to give it a try. This is definitely not a lollipop (not sure what I was thinking). The anchovy is savoury, but the pistachio praline is little bit sweet and crunchy. I can think of a few person who wouldn't like this though due to the intense fishy taste of anchovy. 

Another entrée - Beef Tartare with Liquid Wasabi. Another fascinating and 'unexpected' dish. You know how usually after ordering something, the waiters will just take the menu away and  by the time the dish is served, you have no idea what you've just ordered? That's always the case for me (due to my goldfish memory). I remember that we ordered beef tartare, but didn't pay much attention to it - thinking it's probably beef with some wasabi gravy or something. How wrong was I. See those green blobs?? THOSE are the wasabi!! No idea how they made it, but it's like pea size, a thin membrane with liquid wasabi inside! So when you bite the green blob, the liquid will just burst out. Not to worry, it doesn't have the sharp normal wasabi taste that unblock your nose, it's just mild wasabi 'juice'. It's fun :) 

Szechuan Specied Soft Shell Crab with Green Chilli Salsa. This becomes rather 'ordinary' compare to the beef tartare :) Don't get me wrong, doesn't mean it taste not as good it taste excellent too!! Crunchy deep friend soft shell crab with peppery crumbs outside and juicy meat inside, served on top the green chilli salsa smeared on the plate. The green chilli salsa goes really well with the peppery taste of the crab. 

Our last entrée - Pressed Lamb Shoulder with Tagine Sauce and Chickpeas. When we saw this, we went "cool! 4 pieces of lamb,  4 of us, we'll just take 1 each". Grab our forks, poke, splat. *Oops!Scoop..Scoop*. Should've used a spoon :Þ That's how tender the lamb is. 

If I get 4 servings of this thing here - Chickpea Chips, we probably could have a game of Jenga on our table :D Again, this is something that you won't be able to tell what you're getting without a photo on the menu. I was expecting thin slices of chips (like potato chips), but these Jenga blocks came out instead. They are very filling because they are solid stick of mashed chickpeas. Again, crunchy outside, soft inside. If it's not so heavy, I can just eat this non-stop. 

(I think this is my longest post as yet.) Here's my main - Barramundi with Globe Artichoke, Potato Yoghurt Puree and Squid Ink Crumbs. This is my first time eating artichoke and squid ink crumbs. The crumbs are sort of 'powdery'. The fish is cooked just right, not dry, moist, fresh. 

Slow Cooked Lamb Rump with Jerusalem Artichokes and Hazelnut. You know that this lamb is cooked perfectly looking at the colour. Brown outside, light pink, then bright pink, no blood. 

Roasted Duck Breast with Lentil Puree, Pumpkin and Rhubarb. 2 out of 4 at our table ordered this yummy duck breast. 

Even though none of us knew what to expect when we were ordering, but I'm sure all of us were very satisfied with everything that we've ordered :) However, when the bill comes, straight away I know that this is strictly a "special occasion only" restaurant for me :þ
320 Crown St
Surry Hills


  1. Looks like molecular gastronomy experiments going on over there... Great show :)

  2. Your descriptions are making my mouth water! haha!

  3. haha.. yeah.. it was a really good experience :)

  4. Oooh yes lovely memories of my meal at Bentley are coming back! I had quite different things so this is great to see :)

  5. What, no dessert?! ;P Lovely photos. I really must go back to Bentley again soon.

  6. I know :( didn't have enough room for dessert. However we did end up with a tub of ice-cream at my friend's place later on that night :)

  7. Every single thing on the menu that you ordered looks and sounds fantastic. I've always wanted to try Bentley but never had the time. You've covinced me to try it out soon. It's funny that your friend fron Hong Kong suggested it =D good taste