Monday, November 16, 2009

Romans Restaurant

Found this restaurant in Entertainment Book while I was looking for somewhere to eat near Concord. Didn't end up using the voucher in Entertainment Book because the restaurant itself is giving doing a  promotion where if you order 2 entrees, 2 drinks and 2 mains, 1 of the main will be free (which is the same as using the entertainment book where you buy 1 main and get 1 free). Since we were gonna get 2 drinks and 2 entrees anyway, so didn't have to use the EB voucher. 
The first entrée: fried camembert cheese with cranberry jelly

Good size serving, but I think there's more crumbs than cheese though. I personally would like it with more cheese inside. 

Second entrée:  chilli napolitana baby octopus with toasted bread

Another big serving of entrée. Baby octopus was nice and spicy. However, the bread was soggy after soaking up all the sauce from the octopus. It would've been better if the bread was at the side or served separately. 

Then there's our main. I ordered a Romans chicken but was given this. At first I didn't think much of it and started eating. Bit too salty. Then I saw pieces of mushrooms, I thought 'hmm.. didn't remember reading about mushrooms on the menu" then continue eating. Then I remember "hey.. where are my prawns??" I remember the menu says layered with prawns. Then I called the waitress over and ask if this is the Romans Chicken. She said no and offered to swap. While waiting for the kitchen to make my Romans chicken, the waitress came back to offer to re-do MC's risotto - "Scallops risotto with peas, preserved lemon & mascarpone as well".

It was very nice of them to offer to make another risotto but MC didn't want another 1 because he probably couldn't finish it. So I just watched him eat while they make my Romans Chicken :p
Finally here comes my Romans Chicken. The prawns were very very nice. Big piece of chicken breast and lots of cheese. Too full to finish the whole thing so I just ate all of the prawns :p
All in all, I can't say the food is excellent, but service was very good (even though they gave me the wrong chicken but they are friendly and offered to swap the risotto as well) and servings were big - good for hungry people.

43 Majors Bay Rd
Concord NSW 2137

Phone (02) 9743 5544

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