Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A wedding lunch at Altitude inside the Shangri-la Hotel.

O.K, here we go. First entry!! Grand opening of 
"Brunch, Lunch & Munch!!" 

Here's the view that comes with our lunch at level 36 with glass wall.

Lunch started with bread rolls, olive oil and pink salt. (no photo as I didn't think it was interesting enough plus we went through them too quickly because we were a hungry bunch :p)  

Then, it's the amuse bouche. Maybe I don't hate celery as much as I think. This thing is actually quite good!!

Celeriac veloute with truffle oil

While waiting for our entrée, the guys were entertaining themselves at the table. Everyone was so fascinated with the electrical pepper grinder.  It's actually touch sensitive. Don't even need to press. Just touch that black rubber strip part and it'll start grinding. Quite fun actually :p Not sure of the price, but might make a fancy house warming present. 

Entrée is then served.
2 types of entrée. 

Ceviche of pink snapper with avocado mousse, baby celery leaves and a lime vanilla vinaigrette.
 Interesting to have vanilla smell that goes with fish. 

Tortellini of spanner crab and sea scallops with peas, confit tomatoes and a shellfish bisque.
Scallop cooked a bit too long I reckon. They were getting a bit tough. Otherwise, taste great!!  

Then, after some performance and speeches, we had our mains. 

Roasted Rockdale beef fillet with braised extail, celeriac puree and baby turnips. 
The baby turnips are very cute!! :D Don't think I've seen them in supermarket. Or maybe they are so small that I keep walking past them without noticing which is highly likely to happen. This is the 2nd time I have oxtail, wonder how come don't see it often on restaurant menus. Maybe simply because not everywhere can make good oxtail like this??? Or people just get put off simply because it's oxtail??hmmm.... 
Anyway.. moving on... another main... 

Roasted breast and confit leg of spatchcock with silverbeet and onion fondant.
Will I offend anyone if I say it taste like chicken???  

I can't remember if the next dish come before or after the desserts. It's not on the menu. I'm gonna put it here after the mains because it's the order it shows up in my album. I think it's something to prepare our taste buds for the sweet stuff that were coming after. 
As this thing is not on the menu, I have no idea what it is. It's some sort of pineapple puree kind of thing with some creamy white stuff on top. 1 shot glass of it is definitely NOT ENOUGH!!! I like anything pineapple. Pineapple puree? Bring me a bucket load please!! 
Dessert time!!! 

Dark valhrona marquise with muscavado mousse and pistachio Chantilly
Not too sweet, the ice-cream on top of the chocolate marquise is actually taste of jasmine. It's not green tea though. Just jasmine. Very nice flavour. 

Honey and walnut parfait with white chocolate ice-cream and caramalised blood orange
Only got to try tiny little bit of this. The caramalised blood orange was nice, just didn't remember much about the other stuff :p 

That's it!! End of blog#1. Hopefully won't be too long till blog#2. 

Altitude Restaurant
Level 36, Shangri-la Hotel
176 Cumberland Street The Rocks Sydney
Tel: +61 (02) 9250-6000


  1. The food looks good but they sure come with fancy names! Describe them more, I'll get hungrier:p

  2. Wow, doesn't sound like the starchy sharks fin soup and all the normal stuff... It's a wedding meal I can enjoy.. *hint hint*

  3. hahaha.. can't help it when I have very limited number of adjectives that I know of.. other than 'yum', 'nice', 'very good', 'not nice' very hard to describe them.. ekkeekek.. have to build my vocab first... well.. work in progress.. work in progress.. :)

  4. make it a bigger hint!! Sydney AND Port Dickson (wherever you're hosting it!) haha

  5. hahahaha Sydney 1 probably something similar, as in 3 course western style. But Malaysia 1 will highly likely be shark fin soup :p