Monday, November 30, 2009

Il Tratto Ra Ro

It was a unplanned visit to this restaurant. We actually wanted to go to another restaurant in Concord, but we didn't realise it was closed. So we went through our beloved Entertainment Book and saw that this is another restaurant in the same area that's in EB too! So we just went in even though it's in the gold card section (usually gold card section means $$$$$ restaurants :p) We were VERY HUNGRY that time. Between the 2 of us, we ordered an entree, a pizza and a pasta. 

Our entree was Antipasto Caldo - ricotta & spinach crochette, grilled field mushroom, whitebait fritter and mozzarella fritter $17. I liked everything on the plate :) From left to right, whitebait fritter - we didn't think whitebait could be cooked this way. It's basically a ball of whitebait and fried in batter. Then that's the ricotta and spinach. The big rectangular piece is the mozzarella fritter, with big pieces of stringy mozzarella in it - quite chewy, very nice. Then there's the grilled mushrooms.

Pizza was simple but still very tasty - Sorrento - Prawns, fresh tomato and avocado $20. Unlike the usual fast food type pizza where all ingredients are covered up with shredded cheese, this is 1 where all the ingredients are on top of blobs of cheese - you can see round patches of cheese on the pizza base :) Robin reckons this pizza has a very 'homemade' feel to it - the base smells like homemade bread and the tomato paste taste like homemade tomato sauce made by his Italian neighbour. 

Our second main, generous serving of Farfalle Salsicce - Italian sausage, mushrooms, onion, tomato with a touch of cream $20. New things learnt : farfalle = bow-tie pasta; Salsicce = Italian sausage. Pasta was cooked al dente, creamy sauce, plenty of thinly sliced sausages and mushroom to neutralise the richness slightly. Half way through the pasta both of us were very full already, but the pasta taste so good that we still end up finishing the whole plate. Hence the reserved room for dessert was filled up :( 

If we weren't that hungry and happen to have our Entertainment Book with us, we probably wouldn't think of going into this restaurant. Certainly glad that we did :) It's gonna be on my 'good pizza pasta place' list from now onwards. 

Il Tratto Ra Ro
108 Majors Bay Road
Concord NSW 2137

Tel : +61 2 8765 8866


  1. Ahh I haven't had an Entertainment card in years! I do recall it was good for discovering new places though :)

  2. What's an Entertainment Book? It's one of those food guides in Sydney or something?

  3. It's a book full of discount vouchers for lots of restaurants/hotels/deals in Sydney. It's $65, but if you use 2 or 3 vouchers then it's worth the money already :)