Thursday, November 19, 2009

Buffet Lunch @ Sheraton on the Park

I got asked by our HR to take some staff profile photos of a few colleagues who came to Sydney from other states. They were having a meeting at Sheraton so I was told to go there at lunch time and take some photos while they were having a break from their meeting. So I got there and was offered to have lunch with them! Of course I had to say yes to a buffet lunch at Sheraton :p 

As the whole group of people who came out of the conference swamp to the restaurant, the queue was a bit long. So I started taking photo of the dessert while queuing up. 

Because everyone has only started to have lunch, that's why the desserts were still untouched. 

Cute mini pavlova lining up nicely on the tray :) 

When it was my turn to get the hot food, I had to hold the plate and fill it up with mountain of food. So I actually didn't get to take any photo of those hot food. Had some lamb korma, some pappadums, steam fish, etc etc. 

I did manage to get some oysters and sushi though. Prawns look pretty, but never a big fan of prawns because I have yet to find a non-messy way to peel prawns :p 

Here's my plate of desserts. I have a turkish delight, creme brulee, scoop of chocolate ice-cream, a small chocolate dessert thingy (no idea what's the name of it) and a blueberry cheesecake. 

I was so full after a plate of oyster and sushi, a plate of hot food and a plate of dessert. I soooo wanted to have some cheese and crackers too but was just too full. Should've left some room for cheese. *sigh*...

Anyway, great day out on a working day :) Get to get out of the office at lunch time, great lunch and even get to go for a bit of camera backpack shopping. Just didn't end up getting anything. 

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    Phone: (61)(2) 9286 6000

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  1. Hehe I wouldn't have refused a lunch there either! They have a great selection of things and it's good that you got photos of the dessert buffet before it got attacked by diners! :)