Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sakana Ya

Long overdue 2nd post!! I think I should post more often if I want to make this blog a popular 1 out of the thousands :p 

Anyway, here's some photos from 1 of my favourite Japanese restaurant in Sydney. Excellent food, there's not a single thing that I don't like about it - other than the price that makes it a 'special occasion only' or 'someone else is shouting' place :p 

Mixed sashimi with extra scampi sashimi. Everything was very fresh. After we finished the sashimi, the waitress asked we want to use the scampi heads to make miso soup and we did. The miso soup were so much more 'sweeter' with the scampi heads in them. 

 Next, tuna sashimi salad. Thick slices of tuna sashimi on top of some salad leaves and those japanese salad dressing. Anyone know how to make those japanese salad dressing? 

Just a few days ago I was wondering why is tuna belly sushi so expensive. I was told that it was because of the spread of fat on the meat (like wagyu beef). So when I was eating my tuna, I was looking at colour and the 'marble pattern'. I could see there are pinkish part on the meat but not sure if this is consider a good cut :p 
Next, grilled swordfish. We were given the choice of teriyaki style or salted. We went for salted. This fish is very very very very nice. It looks dry outside, but inside is still very moist and cooked just perfect. Very fresh piece of fillet,  all natural flavour. In terms of look, it doesn't look as 'interesting' or colourful as the barasushi or the deep fried flounder, but this can easily be my latest favourite.

All time favourite - Barasushi. Since the first time being introduced to this dish probably more than 5 years ago, I've been ordering this almost EVERY SINGLE visit (oh, maybe except the 1 time when I went there for just dessert). 

Another dish that is guaranteed to be nice is their deep fried flounder. My favourite part of the fish? All the crunchy bones!! If given the whole fish to myself, the first thing I would do is snap away the fins and tail and start crunching.

Next, cold green tea soba. A very 'dangerous' dish if you don't dissolve the wasabi completely in the sauce/soup. I took some soba, dip them in, stir them a bit, took them out, luckily I didn't put them straight into my mouth. Put them on the plate and saw a blob of light green stuff in my soba. A very close call.

The ONE thing that I didn't get to take photo of is the mochi. The 1 that says to take 20 mins to prepare on the menu. SOMEBODY took a bite of my mochi before I got to take the photo of it. It's a palm size mochi with red bean inside. This is the thing that made me go all the way there for dessert a while ago. Oh well, something for next time... :p 

336 Pacific Hwy
Crows Nest NSW 2065
(02) 9438 1468


  1. That tuna looks pretty good :) Yeah barasushi and deep-fried flounder are our staple dishes when we go there too. You didn't describe the wasabi - I think Sakana Ya's one of the few restaurants that use real grated wasabi!

  2. I didn't mention because I didn't eat the blob of green thing in my soba mar heehee...:p
    anyway, did eat it for the sashmi.. when I was eating it didn't think too much about it, but yesterday when I had the 'normal' wasabi, it's just different...

  3. i looveeeeee crunchy fish bones!!