Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sweetness The Patisserie

I had a last minute cancellation of an appointment on a Thursday evening. So I was thinking "No plan for the day now! What should I do on evening of a late night shopping day?" the answer was simple enough - shopping! Except I didn't go clothes shopping or shoes shopping. Went lollies shopping instead! :D Went to this marshmallow shop at Epping called "Sweetness The Patisserie". 
The shop's specialty is marshmallow, but they sell a lot of other cake/cookies/macarons/tarts etc etc. 

I walked into the shop thinking I'll just get some spiced pecans (Sorry, photo of the pecans didn't turn out good, so I'm not gonna post it this time. I'm sure there'll be 1 next time.) I really really like the pecans, but MC didn't think they are that good. It's sweet when you put it into your mouth from the sugar, like those glazed almond or macadamia, but after a few bite you'll get a bit more savoury flavour from the different spices and will end up with a bit of spiciness from the chilli powder. I'm just very amazed/fascinated/impressed. 

Anyway, as we walked in, straight away we saw this tray of desserts right next to the door in front of the display window. As soon as I saw that, I forgot that I was supposed to ONLY to get the pecans from the shop. "hmmm... that looks yumm.." "maybe I should try that..." "I want that too!!!". 

Next to the tray of display desserts are these chocolate and strawberry macarons. Looks like they are the 'in' thing now. Everywhere's selling macarons and they are not cheap. Anyway, at least these are the 'normal' flavour macarons. Yet to visit Zumbo for those black truffle or wasabi flavoured ones. 
Here are some other desserts that were selling in the  shop: 
Sweet Mallow Sandwich

Iced Lime & Poppy Seed Shortbread 
Ginger & Lime Shortbread Cremes

Here comes the main attraction of the shop : the handmade marshmallow! So many different flavours of them. To name a few flavours that you can never find in supermarket : rosewater, lavender, mango, peppermint, coffee, and many more!!

Now, here's the fun part. After picking and choosing flavours and colours, we went to dinner and then to MC's place where we set up a studio for our macarons and marshmallows. 

I don't think I did well with the post processing, but definitely very fun to play with the tent, the flash, the shadows, the angles, etc etc. All MC's fault that now I have to save up for a light tent, 2 flashes, and also the transmitter + receiver :p  Anyway, hopefully next time will have better studio photos. Maybe after I set my studio up I'll be more interested in cooking/baking at home. Then I can make my own things to shoot in my studio :) 

38 Oxford StEpping NSW 2121
(02) 9869 3800


  1. Hey don't blame me - those aren't my flashes/light tent/radio triggers...

  2. of course it's your fault.. I said "I should go now" you said "let's take the flash out and set the tent up.." :p

  3. the studio photos have a very 'posed' look to them! aren't you suffering from a sugar high?:p

  4. kekeke.. nobody ask u to eat all in 1 go mar... :p

  5. Hehe yes sugar shopping is a perfectly acceptable past time!