Friday, November 20, 2009

Peace Harmony

We thought we gonna be good and eat something healthy for once. So we went to this vegetarian Thai restaurant in the city - Peace Harmony. They have a restaurant and a takeaway branch couple blocks away. We went a bit early that day, so there weren't many people inside yet. So we picked our table and sat down at a quiet section of the restaurant. They were playing some praying/ chanting/ hymn on the speakers, not too loud, but loud enough to know that I have absolutely no idea what language it is - most likely Thai I say. The wooden table was a bit sticky so it was a bit eecky :p 
Anyway, we ordered 1 entrée, a quick meal size dish (with rice) and a main size dish. 

We TRIED to be healthy, we tried. Somehow everything just came out deep fried :p Here's the Mixed entrée with satay, curry puff, spring roll, money bag and Tod Mun. Yes, all vegetarian, including the vegetarian chicken satay. Money bag is the dim sim/ fried wonton looking thing in the middle. Tod Mun is like a vegetarian patty fritter thingy with bean, corn, chilli paste. Robin didn't really like them, but I thought they are not bad. 

Then comes the main. First is the Crispy Beancurd. Again, deep fried :p According to the menu, it's "deep fried beancurd sheet with mixed vegetables and topped with Harmony sauce". The taste is not bad, tofu skin is definitely very crispy, however, the sauce is definitely too sweet. It definitely needs the white rice there to go with the sweet sauce. 

The last dish, main size Hor Mok. This is my favourite of the 3. It's veggie fish mixed with mushroom and vegetables cooked in thick red curry and coconut milk. No mention of tofu in the menu, but there's also some tofu in there. The sauce is thick and creamy, the red curry flavour is rich. I think because of the tofu and thick sauce, this dish is very very smooth. In terms of spiciness, it is very mild. It's a bit heavy to have this on its own, but with some white rice, it's great! 
Worth a try if you feel like having vegetarian for a change or if you're vegetarian and want some Thai food, but this is not necessarily a healthier meal if you order like we did :p 

Restaurant at 44 Erskine Street 
(02) 9262 2247

Take Away Shop at 29 King Street


  1. Ahh sounds like it was a bit hit and miss? :( Interesting about the music-I suppose it's called peace harmony!

  2. Hey Lorraine,

    Thanks for dropping by!!! :)
    Yeah, a bit hit and miss. Overall, I don't really mind it, but Robin was slightly disappointed because he reckons the food used to taste better.

  3. Fake meat? Blasphemous! Actually I don't mind the soy-based meat alternatives much, but I tend to get hungry very quickly without my meat....